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Global Elite Geo Guesser (seriously cant believe what I am seeing)

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Ok so when you browse as much random fucking pointless youtube channels as I do you stumble across folk with really weird specific skills and your like...alright that's pretty sound, probs wont get you laid tho...


but this guy. WHAT THE FUCK. this has to be the shittest superhero power ever but this guy man. this guy is fucking gifted with his perception of the world. 



just check this utter UTTER MADNESS. MY EYES DECEIVE ME. For real check out this guys channel, he is a GOD at geo guesser. I do not even know how you perfect that as a skill but the guy is nuts at it. fuck me  

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if you're not already subbed to this guy who even are you.

nah but seriously this popped up in my recommended and i was so sure it was clickbait i had to check, but no the madlad does it and he does it pretty fuckin well

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