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    grafting, smoking bines doin lines and shagging nines
  2. wow guys these clips are crazy
  3. song started doin me head in so had to turn it off shit anway cunt
  4. who the fuck are you?????????
  5. heaviest cunt about, got bingo wings and stinks of piss +1
  6. Pasickle

    Sad reality

    i made you belly laugh at least 600 times taking the piss out of joji
  7. Pasickle

    Sad reality

    i have been proven wrong
  8. Pasickle

    Sad reality

    that's the main reason im saying this. But also i just really dont think anythign will happen, we havent had a new member in years and nothign has happened we are collecting dust.
  9. Pasickle

    Sad reality

    Let it go man, let it go. Face the reality of the situation. Nothing will spark this community back to life, i know it's sad but thats how it is and it's better if we accpet it.
  10. Pasickle

    Sad reality

    hehe rawr lulz ultra random i like custard cremes
  11. forgot it even had a home page
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