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  1. Sovman

    Away Thread

    expect to see lots of new content by the time i get back
  2. Sovman

    Away Thread

    going japan till next year in a week ?
  3. Sovman

    Sad reality

    Wheres this discord server at?! i need someone to control a music bot for me while i play planet zoo and maybe some cs when those 5 man mixers happen!
  4. gonna have to expect pitbull with as good a quality as the one in discord now.
  5. Nice little .01% find we got while looking farming recipe drop @Jamie
  6. some good rolls u got there i see @Fluxy /roll
  7. @Eraser looks like you couldn't resist yourself and got hocked on classic. another lost soul has been taken.
  8. did it on my priest and took 40 mins in q. went on the rogue and skipped line n ninja'd it. not waiting that long a 2nd time
  9. what server we pickin? 6 new one just popped up
  10. down. just get em all to join the gather hub so it's used for once if u lucky it might be active again?
  11. @Major Chaos @Eraser idk why reven appeared
  12. ob tags on apex accounts boys. get those advertisements for the community out.
  13. Sovman

    apex legends

    stuck in mountain
  14. stop kill stealing them smh mini?
  15. role selection, unless hub is being played daily.
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