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A dark night, the wind howled against the deep splatter of rain. A car drove up into the midst of the scene, out stepped a tall, handsome, black haired boy of late teens. He had a somewhat hunger look in his eye, his companion, of similar size, but by the deep sketches in his face and stubble surrounding his pursed lips, was clearly older. This was Mr Biggles. He circled around the car, and came to a halt at the boot, twisting the key and heaving the boot open, out leaped two enormous grey wolfhounds, they had a dominant presence about them and stood by Biggles as though they would fight to the death to defend their master. As Mr Biggles constructed the tent, Biggles went about finding 6 inch pieces of wood for the fire, occasionally pretending to mount them. With the tent set up, Biggles sat down in it, he un did his fly and watched his dad cook mayonnaise on the fire. "Come on in" he pleaded ;)

The smell of the roasting liquid seemed the attract something, emerging from the woods came a fully grown male grizzly bear, clocking in at over 1000 pounds, and standing at eight feet tall on its hind legs. Most would be terrified at this approach, but the two men seemed satisfied "we could use some roughness" they chimed. The bear began to move gracefully towards them, however, the two loyal dogs were not ready for their masters to lose their innocence, out of the trees they bounded, chasing the bear back to whence it came. Into the distance, the sound of the injured bears defensive growls, and the deep booming barks of the perusing dogs began to fade.

"Never mind" whispered Biggles, "we don't need them"

The zip of the tent was closed, and with the faded animals noises, the new noises of groans from both men began to enter the night. The climax woke every fish in the vicinity, ready for the energy they needed for the next night.

We are still currently trying to find more information of this night, any details are appreciated, contact myself -ali648- on steam

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Friday 20th until wedensday 25th, not home, therfor u wont be able to get in hold of me, other then the phone (Not not giving my number lol)

Also expect me to be away most of the 19th to.

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