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Ello :D

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Hello,  my real name is Micheal and I'm 14

I live in Scotland (Edinburugh area)

I've been playing video games for a long time, started of with a ps2 ans now I play on  ps4/Pc, I started off playingCoD MW and then got into gta, I recently got my pc and started playing csgo and got really into it.

I joined oh a few months ago andit was my first time playing jailbreak, and the few months I have been playing on the server I have learned how to play the game mode properly, I play a lot on the server and I am not on ts very often because I can't really work out how to use it properly yet, but when I do I'll try be more active on there 

I Currently play games such csgo,  cod and gta occasionally on ps4,  and that's really it :P

If you want to know anything else just ask :)

-Designated Retard 

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Ayyy, seen u alot around! Welcome to the forums!

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Retard! :D. It's great to see you here, I look forward to seeing you more on the server and increasingly more on teamspeak. You're easily one of the friendliest and funny people on the server and I can't wait to see you more around.

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Oh right,  like Haddington way? 


I got a mate who lives on a farm and up that way. 

Im a city boy myself :) 

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seen you on the server loads.Your really funny and seem to be friendly.Welcome to the forums 

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Guest Heineken

Hey Designated, seen you alot on the JB server. Your a nice guy, and welcome to the forums :)

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