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  1. osu! (From what i know, but im still trash)
  2. Desig

    TTT Server

    where is the warden application
  3. Desig


    He should of been in jail, which would of saved him from being shot and killed Also here are some more things i found on discord dont look if you're going to cry about it
  4. Desig


    It sucks that he was shot and all, but he has done some fickle up shot. Also I'm not surprised that something like this has happened as its been a while since I've heard about some shooting
  5. What an absolutely SHOCKING moment that is
  6. Desig

    How much you spent on Steam?

    I thought that i had spent a little too much...
  7. Desig

    Names to Battlestations

    I need to clean my desk
  8. Desig

    Destiny 2 free trial

    Since when did they change the title of destiny to destiny 2 ???
  9. Desig

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas boiz