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  1. I guess Im trying to integrate to the community too so for me I need to get to know all of the members and players here. I think you seem cool. I hope i see you around more!
  2. Thanks for the feedback; the only real punishement was a minutes ban because my mic button wouldnt stop. The rest are Twix or sub :P
  3. Hey there everyone, My name is Flame. I have played on this server many months ago and even sometimes before that, some of you may, briefly, remember me. However at the time I wasn't too active and i didn't exactly make my mark in the community; A few of your staff may already know me a little, probably Twixx. I'm 14, almost 15 (I say I'm 13 in-game to make people that age salty, its quite funny, sorry) and I pretty much play CS:GO all day, if I can. I design graphics and dabble a little in coding here and there, hit me up if u want graphics or something ;). I don't know any more to say, but one last thing. Last time I played on the server I managed to get Twix, Sub and Pepe to ban and mute me around 7 times, for the bants, someone ban me for 1 second just so its even (I don't know if in-game it counts it but I do :/) LOL. Anyway thanks ;), See you all around!
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