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  1. Hello, I'm R1sk, (previously known as Liam Domino) I'm 16 and live in Aberdeen but was born in Lancashire. I was first introduced to Outbreak in September 2015 and I have been playing on and off since then. I was a Member but lost it due to inactivity as I decided to play other games and didn't keep active during that period. When I built my PC after I first got into PC Gaming around November 2014, one of my first games was CS:GO and it was the only game I had until I bought ArmA III. I used to be a part of an Altis Life RP community (where I got the name Liam Domino) and managed to become a Superintendent (until I quit) which I played straight from February until September 2015 and racked up 1,700 hours overall. After a while I decided to quit and return to CS:GO to pick up where I left off and soon after I found Outbreak through the Jailbreak server. I have been playing games since I can remember and played console until I built my PC, one of my first memories was watching my cousin play GTA San Andreas on mute while I was making the sound effects. My first console was a PS2 and I used to play Crash Bandicoot for hours on end unless I was told otherwise. Recently, I have a lot of free time on my hands as I moved to Aberdeen in June and applied to a college, but there was an error with the application as they forgot about it or some shit and because they only en-roll once per year, I have to wait until this September to be back in Education. When I get into college, I plan to study Computer Science and possibly Graphic Design. I have an interest in Editing (even though I don't edit and am not good at it) and Music, I don't really have a particular genre I like, I just listen to what I enjoy. That's it really, I apologise if it's been all over the place but couldn't really think of any other way to structure it to be honest. I frequent the TeamSpeak, I am on Jailbreak every now and then and I have just started coming back on the Forums. I look forward to speaking to you all. -R1sk
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