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  1. Spook you with stuff? :D I'm giving out my old account
  2. Good Afternoon, Here's a free account. andrejtar@gmail.com:freevpn1234. http://prntscr.com/csxxc8 2 Simple rules, if you found this useful - say thank you below. And do not change the password. Cya!
  3. If he's threatening to "hack" you, and he has a list of your specific accounts, chances are that all of them are linked to one email account. If that's the case, he's got your email and you use the same password for other forums as for your email. Like Substick said, scan your computer, clean it up and then just simply change your passwords. And for extra security use 2 Factor Auth on your Email account, so that even if any of your accounts do get hacked, you can retrieve them without being blocked out. And don't be scared. These most of the time are scams - and he might even only know that you have accounts in those places, but doesn't have the "resolved" or cracked password. Anyhow, just do what i told you to do in the second paragraph and you can forget about skids like him :P
  4. Do a poll, it's much more clearer to see peoples opinions. Therefore it will be easier to decide for the administrators.
  5. repper, here's my cheap flowchart: 1. Google --> Youtube --> Motivation + Knowledge --> Tutorials --> Project --> Profit!
  6. There is no need for a plugin, for something this small. Typing bindtoggle [key] snd_mute_losefocus in console, when ever you hit that key it will mute the currently playing song! + If you want to hear the music, just use this command: snd_musicvolume [number] This command can turn down the volume of map music :)
  7. Well, since he posted about the same introduction as last time, possibly he wasn't welcomed warmly and he wanted to start over again?
  8. I see what you mean skeff, but it all depends on experience. I personally know a couple of people who required help choosing the correct sdk and the most suitable IDE for their needs. And by "help" it doesn't have to involve me doing it myself. I could just give suggestions, ideas for him :P
  9. From personal experience, i believe that the best way to learn something, is to set yourself a big but achievable goal, and work at it. E.g. Aim to create a small 2d game of snake. And for every question that you may acquire throughout your journey, answer it with the help of the internet. The main thing would be having the motivation and the right mindset. If you would like some inspiration/ideas please feel free to poke me on teamspeak or message me wherever. P.S I can help you get started by helping you set up a coding environment on your computer.
  10. Unseen, like i said. If the people who clicked on "Gzpro bots giveaway" do not require a bot, it is not my fault for providing content to the people who may want to look back at this, as offers are still available. People do not need to have a "a large active TS", as you can also sell this, or learn from this code. I am simply making sure that, if people do decide to go off their road and create a successful and thriving community, they would be able to receive support from outbreak. Because that's what we do. We help each other out. Would you rather me to not give away any premium content? But i do understand where you are coming from. Currently inside the OB community, only the staff may be interested in this thread, But what I'm saying is, that in the future our fellow members of this community will be able to find the premium content if they need to. This is not aimed at everyone. So after saying all of that, i do not understand what the problem was or could be, in regards to me providing this type of content. Anyhow, like you said; all i am doing is sharing my "love" or respect for this community. And this should not cause any concern or problem to anyone. P.S I may have one suggestion that i could do if it would make people feel more comfortable and safer. In the future i could verify the legitimacy of my content that i am giving away with a respected member of staff. This way i would have a more trusted voice? Thanks for reading,
  11. That's exactly why i had written that post. If people are not satisfied with the trustworthiness, they can always address this issue instead of using this as an excuse to "get their post count up " or "get reps". That's all that i wanted to ask for, from the people reading these kind of posts.
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