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New Server Proposal

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Hello all, following my return I hope to start up 2 Minecraft servers. Understandably you will be rolling your eyes at the sight of a new Minecraft server, however due to a recent surge in Minecraft activity throughout gaming communities I felt it would be a good time to offer a little more than just a basic Minecraft server.

The first being a vanilla server which will be regularly refreshed (weekly most likely) to avoid a snowball effect from tryhard kiddies that will ruin the fun for casual players, the world will be capped with boarders to try and get people to interact with each other, alternatively I will be looking at a light/reliable mod which requires players to trade each other to obtain resources due to skill specialists, this will also involve villagers trading valuable items needed to progress. (Essentially this will be a slow grind to be able to get top tier items, preventing strip miners become OP)  The second will be an events server, I shall list a few examples to give you an idea of what to expect.

- Week long hardcore mode; players can log on from Saturday night 7pm play as much as they like to prepare for the final battle at the end, however there will be a resource lock to prevent people from gaining full diamond/iron on the first few days. This will be fully PvP except for the first hour after launch. Death from pvp/pvm/pve results in being removed from the servers white list until the next event.

- 2 hour long hardcore mode; players can log on and will not be met with a resource cap, grace period would be 10 minutes, pvp/pvm/pve deaths result in being removed from the white list.

- Random drop gamemode; every block type drops a random different item e.g. wood log will not drop a wood log but could drop diamond block or a bowl, that diamond block could then be placed and would drop something different or could be used to break into its 9 diamonds. Every block type will drop the same item/treasure loots. After 10 minutes everyone is teleported and will have to fight to the death until one player remains.

- Obstacle maps; simple plug-in which allows player to run through each other to race to the end of a maps obstacles, with this we will try to have a few on hand incase they are completed quickly.

- Hide & Seek; Not like prop hunt it will involve multiple games on different maps but players will not be hidden as objects, instead it will be like a real life hide and seek game.

We will be open to any other event suggestions or improvements/tweaks to the Survival server.


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5 hours ago, gaffeR said:

Waste of time, with out the help of others it would be another dead MC server. 

With the current team unwilling to help what's the point?! 

I’ve spoke to the team before this post and they have agreed to assist with running events to keep things fresh and hopefully bring their own twist.

As to it being a waste of time, it will only be my time wasted during the setup after that it will sustain itself until resets. Selected staff will be able to log on anytime to double check the anticheat system hasn’t missed anything.

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