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Outbreak Update

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Following discussion among the staff team, it has been decided that the current moderation hierarchy will be overhauled so as to better suit the needs of the community.


For a long time, the staff team has been broken into varying levels of power: Moderators, Senior Moderators, Admins and Head Admins. Each role carried unique access and permissions to various elements of the community as well as different areas of responsibility.
These roles are now going to be abolished, replaced with a single role: Staff

The aim of this new role is to equalise opportunity across the whole moderation team to give more freedom to any individual looking to help develop a part of the community, as well as sufficient tools to carry out their regular duties. Some members may still be given more access depending on their role within the team (for example, server developers will have access to servers etc.), but all roles will remain as Staff.


Along with the ranking overhaul will come the addition of a new role outside of the staff team. This will be known as Partner.

Partners will have access to many elements of the community with only a restrictions, allowing freedom in their developments. They will not have traditional moderation responsibilities, but must be providing a service to the community (server development, forum development etc. but can also include moderating if there is nothing else to be working on at the time).

We feel that the introduction of the partner role will allow the responsibility of running Outbreak to be a shared operation, bringing with it some enriching qualities to break free from the stuff you guys are used to seeing.

Our first Partner will be a long standing member @Mintlou and we hope working with him will help us do more for the community together. 

Community Meeting

We will be doing a another Community Meeting update tomorrow at 6PM (BST) All are welcome to come and give ideas/suggestions etc of what you want to see from the community. Some of the things that we discussed in the latest Admin meeting and would like to bring up is:

  • Discord
  • Events
  • Servers


Any member wanting to do anything in the community only needs to come and speak to us, we will try to support your idea any way we can. The changes to the team will happen tonight, and a community meeting is being held tomorrow night so that any questions can be answered about the changes. We hope to see you there; Outbreak is nothing without the input of the members, so please come and engage!


Note: This is not the monthly update - that will be coming after the community meeting on the 8th.

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