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December Update

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Hey Everyone,

As this festive time of the year comes around I want give everyone an update on Outbreak.

- Jailbreak Opening

As many of you have already noticed Jailbreak is currently open for everyone! It's still in a BETA state as there are still a few issues that are popping up but most of it is working and needs to be playtested by our community. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests. Please visit the Jailbreak Section on our forums and make a post there. 

- Mod Apps Open

I'm going to be opening Mod Apps of this December to see who gets involved in our latest refresh of the Jailbreak Server, So I'll be ideally looking for people who are committing a good amount of their time to JB. Those that are helping out with giving suggestions or that are trying to create a positive and fun environment on the server for everyone will be looked at positively.    

- Secret Santa

Secret Santa is still open visit here if you would like to get involved. It's a good way to show your community spirit during this festive season. I'll be drawing names on the 18th December so you have up until then to join. If you do get involved please make sure you read the thread thoroughly, Thanks! :santa:  

- Donation System 

I've lowered the prices of our monthly/tri-monthly packages down to £4.99 and £11.99 and VIP will be going on sale to £40 until the 25th of December. Hopefully, we get some festive feeling people to donating to the server over this Christmas period as donations help keep the community and our servers alive.

- Looking forward 

Current plans for the futures are to keep improving Jailbreak and its atmosphere so like to see as many boys in blue helping out with this :ok:January should be eventful as our Winter tournaments for both CSGO and League of Legends are planned for then. Anyway thanks to those who spent time reading time and everyone that tries to help out our community. :y:  

All the best, 

Sir_Conor :santa:

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