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Twist the guy with no Intro post

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So after all these months in OB I've just realised I have never made an Intro post, so here goes.

I am Twist. I am Head-Admin of Outbreak. I am tasked with the heartless stuff which Mclovin and Kriss hate doing such as kicking members out who are inactive, beating up our admins til they do a good job, helping with decisions such as sacking admins and all other important stuff etc.

On the bright side I also upload maps, be a guardian angel to our admins and members and I'm an inspirational piece of glory that many look up to. I hope... :(. I've been playing PB for ~2 years ish sorta, starting with VooDoo community where I used to be scared of Kriss.

My real name is Jamie, I live in Devon, United Kingdom. I'm 18, 19 in December. Im male, single, sexy and free. I currently study IT BTEC at college, Im jobless while concentrating on studies (kinda).

As far as games go you will either see me on CS or Minecraft primarily, there's also others too.

im also not a vegetarian.


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