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  1. Aye just a lot of stuff went down on my end. So I have now sorted it out. Just because I havent been here don't mean I forgot about the awesome times and wasted days I spent playing JB. lol
  2. Well hello there. Back again after a few years off. Think it was time to settle down and sort my life out. Just a new intro to myself. Haven't played this game since what? 2013/2014. Last time I played I had a few troubles.. But they have sorted out now. Hopefully anyone that remembers me can ignore the past and let's crack on with a new start? IM called Steve - Or call me what you want no fuss to me. Steve
  3. Could be true.Probs is. Havent really spoken to him in a long time due to what I saw on facebook, but let's no get into that.
  4. There's a very useful "edit" button that I would recommend you using! Welcome to the forums anyway, wasn't here three years ago but I'm sure it'll be great to meet you. Have a fun day. Give me chance to get back into these fourms and ill sus the edit button ;) hahah
  5. Yeah that would be good. Im Steve, live in the UK. (Hull) 27 years old Work security in a hospital (4 on 4 off shift pattern,12 hour shifts) Love my computers. Big kid at heart. not really much to say really. But hopefully I can get back into this Jailbrek again, but it's all changed since I last played on CS:S
  6. Hey guys, back after so long... over 3 years I think? Finally grown up. :lol: Long time no see, how is everyone.. if anyone even remembers me lol
  7. How can I be banned? I havent been online in 9 months :S
  8. yeah you wont no me lol. but it wont send me the password resett
  9. Hello you ugly bunch of people. Anyone fancy telling me my e-mail address? or my user name for steam?(forgotton it lol). Long time no see! How are you lot
  10. It dont take four people to surround you because your tellig someone in a firm manner that you refuse yo do standard jobs. I didn't raise my voice. :) but not going to tyen this into he said she said lol. Thank you for support though
  11. Don't worry mate I have picked myself up from worse. First time for scratching on so its taking a while. Also my cv us a beast but they expect me to look for normal jobs I said no because I have sis and more experience in security so had a full blown argument with her lol. Security came and gave it loads so I just told them were to ram of.
  12. Hello everyone! as a fair few off you can tell my activity has gone to 0. This is not a look for "aww poor him and shit". Reason been ; I was working 200/250 hours a month earning the big bucks. Then my boss called 4 of us into the office, and said there was no more work - They are an ACS Company (Approved Contractor Scheme). Which means they are supposed to be a good company to work for. I did a little digging and found out they took 4 new people on and now the "newbies" are taking all the work. I did a little digging more, and found out the way they keep there ACS is to keep getting regular new people to work for them to show that they are getting all the work and are good to work for. And now some people like myself who are now out of the probation period (6 weeks), get what we called 0 houred - which means they offer you no work at all, and don't answer phone calls and if they do they say oh nothing as of yet, if there is anything we will give you it.(but they won't). So after been independent all my life, I have now got myself into debt (contract phone), I had to bail on the landlord (hes furious)((but I singed no tenancey agreement)), now I now live with my mother. But I have my credit car which needs paying off. and well im in shit creak at the moment. But my mother is moving soon to a new place, and once everything is sorted. I will be back online as and when I can. But I have a little cash in hand work, that is getting me £50 a week! Just thought I would explain it, and don't think im asking for sympathy. Just expling the siutaton :) Love ya'll Steve
  13. Well Daemonic seems to go quite when im commanding so im happy with him for now , nothing wrong with the lad just a little to much excitement on a server gets him going... or trys to spam for command!
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