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  1. Hi again

    idk if we're still friends on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ronmonster/ But here's my profile if you want to add me
  2. Hi again

    As long as I don't get a comp ban lol
  3. Hi again

    Yeah it was on nuke both times, I was like silver elite lol
  4. Hi again

    But mainly I came back to see if anyone still plays csgo mm
  5. Hi again

    I moved onto other guns but dust 2 is still bae
  6. Hi again

    I don't remember doing that, maybe
  7. Hi again

    I left like 4 years ago maybe (sometime around when we had a cs:s minigame server), still had this forum in my bookmarks, was wondering what sort of stuff still goes on here. Anyway, hi again whoever is still here who might remember me.
  8. Another CS:gO Pro VACCED

    I miss SF
  9. Away Thread

    It's exam time for me so I'll be away until they're done.
  10. RP_outbreak_city needs you!

    You could put these up as public information posters.....
  11. I'm back

    As I made that post rather than DylanThomas, I think that that award has been falsely given.
  12. I'm back

    I took some time away from outbreak to revise and gather my thoughts, also this happened (see below) But I'm back now, so please don't ban me or something.
  13. CS:GO money making

    After spending a few hours on CS:GO Lounge, it seems like no-one is offering any trades that aren't rip offs.
  14. CS:GO money making

    I've found that stickers are pretty good, most of the time the sticker you get from a capsule 2 is worth 70p+ which is pretty good as together the key and capsule cost about 60p
  15. Post Desktop V2!

    New desktop (Old copy of windows got fucked up)