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  1. saying interesting is inappropriate...right. but surely its only adding more fuel to the flame by hiding away his request for me to be banned. it would be a better idea for me to see it so I can know he feels about what im doing and perhaps try to ignore him. but to hide it and not even talk to me about it. YOU only made the situation worse. I wont do anything for now and I will stop 'abusing' him (telling him to shut up for saying stupid random shit from his mind which no one wants to hear) all the time. But im just saying hiding it in the hope i wont see it makes the situation much worse.
  2. Cant see why my comment was removed, its fairly clear it involves me by the title of the reply by Riley and Fluxy.
  3. Fyre, I spoke to you a bit on that minigame server, nice guy but you've played no where near enough time on OB and barely anyone knows you. play on the server for 2-3 months then re-apply i'd say. Depending on if you are 15 in 2-3 months because the minimum age is 15.
  4. iAmBing

    New Case. (:

    mainstream case. so many people have it and your room is a shithole clean up dickhead :)
  5. They have no idea what they are getting themselves in to. Will not be watching.
  6. iAmBing

    Compare pls

    *facepalms. Didn't get the joke, did you?:) Well with most of your retarded posts you make on the forums, can you blame me?
  7. iAmBing

    Compare pls

    Only just saw this, JohnDoe are you retarded? Dell is fucking dog shit.
  8. iAmBing


    That edit antizombie made is phenomenally....shit.
  9. is 1 and 2 the one with the expansion called Rise of Rome, because if it is add me to the list I will have a look for the discs.
  10. JohnVoDoe, just so you are aware, +1s barely count anyway but they take no notice at all of non members +1s, this is a lot of the time what we mean about you. Back on topic. Vitamin is a great guy and deserves member, Gibe him member +1
  11. A reasonable reply for once? This is exactly what I mean, your basically saying anyone who says something negative about you their opinion doesnt matter, try to work on that kid. And I remember you well, annoyed me quite a lot.
  12. Windows 7 coz OP as fuck, windows 8 is shit.
  13. He seems to be in my cell a lot the creepy stalker, but havent got a bad thing to say about him. +1
  14. Fluxy mate, got a bit of shit on your nose there, might wanna get out of that asshole. ;)
  15. iAmBing

    Practical jokes

    put on high resolution on his pc with Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen, that will work nicely if hes not tech-savvy. or in school when they werent looking I used to plug my mouse into the back of their pc at the same time and occasionally move it when theyre about to click something. Or you can buy an electric shock mouse. did that once, friend screamed.
  16. Actually an alien is something that lives in the universe and because Earth is in the space/universe the people living on the Earth are aliens. Alien < Species < monkeys < humans < a child < a penis VODO STRIKES AGAIN !
  17. iAmBing

    Away Thread

    Have not been very active past week or two because of matters I dont wish to discuss, will be back soon i hope.
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