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December Update 2016 2.0

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Season Greetings!

As Christmas fast approaches I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas or just a good time during the holiday season for those who don't celebrate it :santa: 

❅ Payment Changes & Server Costs
I recently received an email from our host stating that their prices will be increasing by 20% as of 15th of January 2017 due to "economic changes following the Brexit" :spooky:

Following on from that, a few have suggested we just change host however I'm personally not inclined to do this. We've been with our current host for the past year on a dedicated game server and throughout the entire time the server has never really had any issues (from them at least) :devil: Also our host has migrated over 40 attacks over the past year and that's just a great feeling to know we don't have to change house every 3 months. So the host may be expensive but they are a quality host. That expense isn't the best of news though after our donation system was down for a considerable amount of time and has only recently come back in the past couple of months.

All the same, onto some better news! Instead of increasing our prices to help ease our burdens, we will be doing the opposite of our host and putting our VIP donation package on a 20% discount until the beginning of January. This is to encourage as many donations you lovely folk can offer! Hopefully this will allow us to top up our server rental time before they increase the prices and give us more time to look for alternative hosting providers should we need to change.


Donation System: I like to repeat Unseen (sometimes he actually has good stuff to say)
As mentioned in the last couple News & Updates, there have been significant changes to the way the donation system works and the various perks available. There has also been an ongoing advent during the Christmas month which you can sign up for each day by logging into the page and clicking on the advent day. We also have a raffle going on for the chance to win the 3 month package costing £1 per entry (package usually costs £15.99). For more information on the store see the post here.

❅ A Goodbye  
Dipping into a negative, some of you will have noticed that a member of staff has recently been removed from his position. We wanted to take a moment to explain the reasons behind his demotion and consequential punishment. On multiple occasions the individual was warned for abusing his powers. We are relatively trusting in our staff and we prefer to be relaxed when they use powers with fun in mind, however we still expect them to take it on as a responsibility and to be considerate of others when using said powers. The number of complaints we received due to the individual abusing to the point where he was ruining the game mode for others was beyond anything even remotely appropriate. Although we appreciate the effort he did put into this community, it's a shame that it will be overshadowed by the behaviour that has resulted in his demotion and month ban from the community.

 Staff Recruitment Continues & Community Efforts To Improve OB
Back to a more uplifting note, Moderator apps are still open and they are going to be staying that way for the time being so I suggest all members, both new and old, try playing the server. Whether that be to show us what great potential mods you could make or just to improve the quality of our server atmosphere and give back to the community that we have all spent countless hours in. It's a family time of year and we want you to spend time with your kin and co, but in a way Outbreak is also a (very disjointed :spooky:) family and it needs all the support that the community can bring at this time.


That ends this mini follow up update. Thank you all for the effort you put into this community, regardless of your role we appreciate anyone who tries to positively improve this community of friends we have. I hope you all have a great time over the holiday season, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :santa:

Happy Holidays,

18+ only pls



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