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  1. I was diamond two seasons ago and got into World of Warcraft, haven't finished my placement games in this season yet though. ?
  2. Hello! Happy 2019 to you all! My name is Lyndsey and I am a gamer to the core. I play a variety of games from CS:GO, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Theme Hospital and Tetris. I approached these forums from a google search for gaming community/clans so hoping I can meet a few friends to enjoy some games with! I work lots as well, so usually am on in the later evenings, turning a little nocturnal as well who doesn't love late night gaming though, right? ? This is my steam ID :- https://steamcommunity.com/id/Serenity89x/ - So if anyone wants to play let me know or hit me up on the TS3 as I am currently sitting alone in a channel like a twat haha. Have a great day! Seee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. /wave.
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