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Hello again,

As many of you will know, a member of our community has recently been banned due to their behaviour on another server and abusing the expectations of OB membership. This isn't the first time this has been brought up and so for us to feel the need to make another post addressing the matter is frankly appalling.

We work closely with multiple communities, including LR, EdgeClan, CLWO and various other groups. We often communicate with these other communities and, because of these relationships we have developed over time, we expect our members to represent our community when they go onto other servers. We take pride in being a community that does not go about ruining the fun of other communities and we have high expectations of our players; so to hear that yet again these communities are forced to contact us about a player who is supposed to have been a member of our community has gone onto another server and had a complete lack of respect for their staff is embarrassing.

We want to reiterate that if you are banned from another community and you are a recognised as a part of our community, you WILL be banned and your punishment will be far more severe coming from us. We have no place for individuals who think they can get away with having less respect for the rules and staff of other communities while representing Outbreak.

We shouldn't have to be repeating this topic and it is humiliating how pathetic it is. We suggest everyone takes a hard think about this as acting in such a manner is seen as a directly disrespecting our community and will not tolerated.

The OB Staff

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