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  1. John

    Nice Thread

    im not, just found an email from the forums so don't worry you wont have any more nice threads
  2. If you know then I respect you.
  3. Ill say it again, only trials and members can +1 or -1 apps! On another note, +1
  4. Also the age limit is 15 to become member unless you are suggested by staff.
  5. Sorry did you put trial in the title or was it staff, normally they post when someone gets trial.
  6. John

    Getting annoying now

    Look, this thread is becoming inconclusive, there is a tiny if any chance of this votekick being added and to be honest it probably won't so lets stop sharing sob stories about how people break rules late at night, I believe the correct place is Ban Requests thanks.
  7. Ima go for a +0.5: + Active on Server + Knows Rules + Plays CT + Active on forums (However worrying it is that your most active forum is ban requests). + Freindly - Head on Teamspeak a bit :) - Your app is a bit bright. Good luck.
  8. John

    Getting annoying now

    You kick them they come back. It disrupts the gameplay you are trying to save in the first place. Most trolls will f2. The trolls could abuse it and Votekick you for example. -1
  9. You have to be 15 to apply unless recommended by staff. Also your forum presence isn't the best. -1
  10. But i want to play now :cry1: :cry1: :cry1: Case rested.
  11. Churd stop bloody moaning about everything on the forums please
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