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History of Outbreak

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A long time ago there was a community called UK Nemesis (uk:N). This community had an Prisonbreak section/server and its own admins called uk:N PB!. A young child began playing on their servers after trying to freekill whereass he did not since he thought it would be bad. This child was named McLovin. He started playing more and more on their server until the point came where he was choosen by the admin team to join their team. So the young child joined the team and enjoyed Prisonbreak/Jailbreak for many days. When suddenly the servers were shut down. After some research the community Owner did not pay for the servers and the servers were down for about 1 month. During this time it lost alot of its players to a new community called VooDoo.

It started off when 2 former players of uk:N made a little group on steam while playing on their servers called VooDoo. Alot of people joined this group which was litterly made for friends who played on uk:N. Later on the child joined VooDoo and while the uk:N server was down he thought why not host a server myself. So he did he thought it whent all well but the fact was that the server was lagging for everyone except himself. As if that was not bad enough the child managed to break the server after about 5 days and the server was dead forever. This was the end of VooDoo 1.

An older friend had seen what was happening to this child and thought why not start a community with him. This man was called Nightwalker. We whent to talk about what was possible and we bought a webpage and server and named ourselves Phrozen. It whent all good but soon enough we realised it would take alot more effort then we could both take on together. So soon Phrozen ended and yet again the playerbase had nowhere to go.

This is where Kriss comes in the story, he had seen what happend on VooDoo 1 and on Phrozen and asked me to run his new community with him. Dont ask me why although it was named Flower Power. FP as we called it whent alright we had a good server we had a webpage and Kriss even made maps especially for us like he does these days. Although where as we had sheltered the old playerbase from uk:N until Phrozen we did not really get more players over time. The reason why is still unkown however to the day of today I still think it was due to the name Flower Power. Soon enough we gave up and thought we could better call it quits since the playerbase was not increasing.

Wierdly enough two weeks later Kriss and I had a talk with one of the two founders of VooDoo. He wanted to start VooDoo again aka VooDoo 2. So we did Kriss and I were helping them but their was something going on. After a couple of days this founder said he could not run the community anymore due to personal reasons and gave the lead to Kriss and Myself. So we did we created a community with all the expierence from all the older communities and had a good memberbase to start off with. The knowledge and the friends that were there to help us created something that was beyong our belief. The Prisonbreak/Jailbreak server was going well and we decided to get ourselves another server. The choice was a minigame server. Soon the server was filled while Prisonbreak/Jailbreak was going good aswell. So we got to the point where we had two good running servers and though why not get a third? So we did and the Zombie Escape server was created. This was around the time where Minecraft was very popular in the start and we decided to get a Minecraft server aswell. So to sum it up we had a: Prisonbreak/Jailbreak Server, Minigame Server, Zombie Escape Server and a Minecraft Server. Where Zombie Escape was the least popular. Everything whent allright until something bad happend.

One of our admins got into a fight with Kriss to the extend that Kriss had banned him from the server for a couple of days. Two other admins did not support this ban and had a go at Kriss to the extend that they left VooDoo 2 and created their own community. It got to the point where both Kriss and I thought this is not worth it anymore we only get shit thrown our way after all the work we did and decided to end VooDoo 2. Even though it was running good and everything.

The ones young child had grown up over the years during these events. And after VooDoo 2 he decided to stop playing on steam. So he uninstalled steam and left.

After two months I got a message on Facebook by some guy called Alex Peilling (Biggles) saying: VooDoo is back! Even after some time he did go through the trouble of telling me. And I got interested in this new VooDoo so I took a little peak on their webpage. Only to see that our Head-Admin from VooDoo 2 was the new Owner with Kriss. And a old face from way back in uk:N had joined them as their Head-Admin. I was getting more and more curious until the point came where I said I want to join you lot in VooDoo 3. So he installed Steam again and started playing on the servers and within the day where he said I want to join VooDoo 3 he whent from old friend to Owner. Many of the new players and some of the admins did not like this. The Head-admin disliked it so much that he left the community. So VooDoo 3 had three owners: Kriss, the Head-Admin from VooDoo 2 Guyver and myself. After the Head-Admin left we needed a new one so we appointed Twist for the job. After a couple of weeks Guyver came with the idea to merge with another community called Blaze Gaming. Kriss said that was alright since he would not have to pay for the server anymore and thought it would be good for the community. I did not like the idea however I was the newest Owner and felt it would be wrong to go against the plans since im new and all. So I was stupid enough to go with the flow. So we merged.

Blaze Gaming seemed alright from the start and we had controll over our own server within their community and appointed Twist as Head-Admin. Kriss and I wanted to stay in the background a little so we did. But soon enough we realised something was off within their community. They saw the VooDoo memberbase not as their own. Even though some of them knew eachother from way back in uk:N. The server was alright and was fun to play on although the Community had a setting many did not enjoy. Kriss soon left only to be followed by many other VooDoo members. VooDoo was gone forever the playerbase got split up. Some stayed within Blaze gaming some joined a community called Orange Gaming and some joined Aurora.

At first I decided to follow Kriss into Orange Gaming. I made an application and everything then I looked at the admins. And I had seen something I did not like. One of the names on that list was Dimebag, a guy who once was one of my fellow admins on uk:N some years back. Who did not realy like me and nor did I like him. After he lost his admin he whent rage mode and decided to throw all the hate he had towards me. He was banned from all the communities I was once Owner off and once actually came on the server on VooDoo 2. I banned him for saying something about one of my hats. The ban reason was dont hate the hats. He soon made a group called Dragons and Hats and the profile picture was really offending towards me. Anyway im getting off track. So I left Orange Gaming after seeing he was in the community and Joined Aurora a community Biggles joined.

Aurora was a surfing Community but recently got a Prisonbreak/Jailbreak server and I enjoyed their playerbase and the server. Even though their Prisonbreak/Jailbreak was not that popular. Soon enough they got rid of their Prisonbreak/Jailbreak server and were only left with their Surf Server. At the same time Orange Gaming was falling apart. So yet again a big amount of the once big family called VooDoo had no Prisonbreak/Jailbreak to play on again. And so came the idea to start a new community by Kriss and me.

You all know the name of this community since its the community on which webpage you are reading this from. The name of this community is BreakOut oh sorry that was the name first I mean Outbreak. Outbreak or OB started off with big ideas focusing on Prisonbreak/Jailbreak and aiming for a 50 slot server. Since some of the playerbase were still member from Aurora we decided to become partners with Aurora and benefit from eachothers players and servers. It was a good idea and it brought us a hell of a lot of players. The server did alright although soon we felt the 50 slot was overkill and decided to go 25 slots. After a week we realised 25 slots were not enough and upgraded to the 32 slots we have currently. We did not want to increase the slots anymore. We decided to get another server a Minigame Server and thought it would turn out well like it did on VooDoo 2. Only to be supprised that it did not. We soon got rid of the server and stayed with Prisonbreak/Jailbreak for a long time.

Members joined OB and left OB and so did Admins. But two admins had a very wierd way of leaving. DouCh who was a trial admin did not meet the requirements to join the admin team and was declined so he left Outbreak. And Bennevis was recently promoted from Moderator to Admin and got demoted again for not meeting up the requirements. After the demote he decided to leave Outbreak and take revenge with a community he would create himself. This community was called Banished, DouCh followed him and became the other Owner. At first the admin team and whole Outbreak were laughing so hard at this fail attempt what they called a community. But soon we realised something was off, they stole the layout of our webpage the stole our maps and even stole some of our events. But the limit was that they started of stealing our members with false hope. They would tell members to leave Outbreak to get admin on their community. Unfortunately some were dumb enough to do just that and left Outbreak. After some time the community died due to their popularity and Outbreak had a good laugh at the end. That was the end of Banished.

More events happend over time and will surely some day will be added to this story however at the moment I will keep it the way it is. Thanks for reading.

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Chapter 2

McLovin and Kriss worked hard bringing Outbreak to what it was at this time. Kriss handled a lot of the technical work. McLovin handled the community work. It was a perfect partnership. With Twist assisting them both Outbreak skyrocketed. Servers were constantly full. People paid for donator slots. Hats were in abundance.

Outbreak was riding high. It was in the top 10 worldwide for Jailbreak servers. It owned an Island in the sun. Life was good. We were doing well, so well we became a threat.

People who tried to troll and got banned, started launching DDoS attacks against the server. We changed server host and ip. It continued. Again and again. So a newly promoted admin under the name of Gaz, suggested we move to a dedicated server. This would give us more flexibility with our servers and allow us more freedom to grow. Sadly we were unable to prevent the DDoS attacks. Outbreak never recovered.

The stress and annoyance of it all caused a fracture. Kriss stepped down, and vanished. Leaving McLovin and Gaz to work on the server. They were running Minigames, Surf and Jailbreak on there, along with Teamspeak and an event server. Sadly the constant DDoS attacks crippled Outbreak, and it would never recover. Even with a custom map made for us by Wayne, our climb back to the top never happened.

Soon afterwards McLovin left to focus on real life commitments. Gaz stepped up and took the reins. Making an abundance of changes. Firstly being focusing the community on a forum and teamspeak. In a hope that the good memebrs of the community would go out and play games and meet new people, and bring them into the community. Therefore creating new lifeblood. Gaz tried hard to keep things interesting, installing an arcade and having a competition based on it. Creating a twitch.tv channel for outbreak staff and users to stream to. He even created League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 and CS:S teams. Anything to keep things fresh and people interested.

Sadly it didn't quite work like that, and people cried out for a server. We were torn, at the time there was a large amount of DarkRP occuring, and DayZ and CSGO. DayZ wasn't a viable option as the servers are buggy. CSGO was only used for mixing in the community, no gamemodes were really played. So we took a risk. We went with Gmod, and whilst the interest was there, it worked. At the same time streaming was slowing down, as people lost interest in that also.

We then decided to do a remake of the server, lots of snazzy new mods and plugins. Sadly we never really got to reopen it. The server still had a few bugs which put people off, so decided to put it on hold, until our custom map is ready.

At this point Gaz decided it's time to step down. Too much real life work lead to not enough community commitment. He felt the community deserved better. A full time leader, who could give some direction, direction he couldn't give. So Gaz retired, he went out to a little house in the country. Picturesque and green pastures all around. He stepped up onto the porch, dusted off the rocking chair in the corner, and sat down.

That brings a close to this particularly dark chapter in OB's life. Until next time. I'll be on my porch.


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Chapter Three

Succeeding Gaz came Biggles and his small council: The era of the Republic.


Interior of the Council Chambers

The Republic had one goal in mind: Open a server as fast as possible, and they did to the tune of minigames. The server saw initial success but failed to maintain people's attention, and began to suffer DDOS attacks later on. But the server had done one thing: it gave the community a new lease of life, and what had been a scattered, ragtag band of gamers found a little purpose and marched on.

By September 28th, Outbreak returned to its roots: The Empire struck back, and Jailbreak was opened.


Members of Outbreak watch the source code of Jailbreak form inside of Conor's kidneys

At last the community found its roots, and the old passions that many of its members held came to fruition. The server went from strength to strength, acting as it did as a source of membership, revenue and community. The explosive growth of Jailbreak drove the community forward, but it did so turbulently: the server demanded more and more time from already weary administrators who had busy lives: by January, the man who had saved Outbreak, Biggles, found that his stewardship had to end.


Real image of Biggles

What left was the team made of up Conor, Venga and Gaffer. The team began introducing new changes: dividing mods in two, restarting events, expanding the community even further, upgrading the servers, finding new deals and holding the community: with its raft of new members, together. Sadly, by April Gaffer too felt his time with Outbreak had come to an end, and stepped away, leaving Conor and Venga.


Pictures of the final trio: From left to right, Conor, Gaffer and Venga

There was no rest for the wicked. Within seven days, the largest DDOS attack Outbreak had suffered struck, and the server was wiped off the map. Outbreak's hosts, Trueworldgaming, were hacked and destroyed days later, and the community had lost all of its files and success so far. The next month saw a limping Jailbreak server snuffed out of life multiple times, unable to poke its head above the water for more than a day at a time before the jailbreak server was annihilated by denial-of-service attacks and exploits.


The only image recovered from the initial DDOS strike: here, the three main DDOS vehicles are pictured launching their initial qconnect barrage.

As the dust settled, and April fell away like rain on the mountainside, Jailbreak pounded back. The DDOS attacks were lifted, new hosts were found, the source files were largely recovered, and Outbreak was rewarded with a full server constantly. This marks the most recent glory days of Outbreak's history: It was enormously powerful, and the server's rise to the forefront of UK jailbreak was largely unprecedented. Within weeks, it was the only viable choice for UK-based jailbreak, and it has been ever since.


Outbreak's Jailbreak fleet strikes back, image sometime early May

Two weeks into this glorious period, the council saw the loss of Venga, who, battle-weary as he was decided to step back and away from Jailbreak, to pursue a career in finance and suspicious amounts of memes.


Venga captured by OG forces, late May

The server and community required aid, and Conor enlisted the help of an old administrator - Wist - to help. Wist became Conor's padawan, and rose through the ranks quickly to become Co-Owner and began planning the future of Outbreak. The two joined forces to hire new moderators, build a wider community, drive events, and embezzle money: Their watch saw the community grow into its two facets - the era of the OGs and the Jailbreakers.


Conor carries Wist on his back, late August.

Under Wist and Conor's watch, the last stages of their schemes were realised: The community introduced Outbreak Veteran, made the last plans for the future, and began the climb to Outbreak as a multi-server community. Tragically, Wist's role in Outbreak was on a time limit: He had to leave in late September to go to University, leaving Conor alone. They were aided by SonyTwan, who's brief stint as an administrator drove the community from strength to strength. Sony's time at the helm was short-lived however, and he left within a few months.


Sony and his family, time unknown


Wist sometime after leaving, September

What follows now is the post-monoserver era: Conor, with his two padawans Kartoffel and Unseen, fly the trusty old HMS Outbreak into new waters, and on to ever stranger tides.


Unseen, late September


Kartoffel takes command, also September

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