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    Newsflash, don't know if you may know him but xxxtentacion just got shot and has been pronounced dead.
  2. Was it hard? Happy Mubarak
  3. To be fair I have a lot of experience with Discord and my personal opinion is that it is great, it is a free, good and reliable application that provides good audio quality for a free voice communication source. Even if it doesn't work straight away give it a couple of shots and advertise it. You'll get the hang of it, and oh please add bots.
  4. Greetings fellow human beings, My name is LionKing or Leon (irl name), I have been playing Counter-Strike for quiet a bit, around 4 years almost. I speak Dutch (fluent), English (good), French (basics). I was born and still live in Belgium (yes that country with the beer and waffles). In my freetime I play video games and do sports as: football, tennis and sometimes go for a run. I'm kinda addicted to the gaming part because I spent a lot of time on it, I play Rainbow Six, PUBG, Counter-Strike (most of the tim JailBreak) and Fortnite because my friends play it, even tho I think it is a bad game. So yeah, that was kinda it. Sorry for the poor language, I'm on mobile now. Thanks for reading, greetings Lion. Oh yeah almost have exams so wish me luck ?
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