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The people have spoken (Chat platform)

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Ladies, Gentleman and all other 97 genders and pronouns. 


Aye's to the right 31, No's to the left 29

The Aye's have it

The Aye's have it


It has been decided via a democratic vote linked to your forum account, that the future of Outbreak voice communication will exist on TeamSpeak 3. Thank you for taking the time to think about this and cast your vote. This has been a subject of long deliberation within the community among its members and guests who visit.

The other matter on which you may ponder, is how on God's great Christian earth did we get 60 votes? To provide an answer to that tantalising conundrum, I will tell you that most of the cast votes are, in fact, made up of inactive members; That is to say, members whom have rightfully earned their entitlement to vote on these important community decisions, thanks to their service of two or more years as once active representatives of Outbreak Community. We would like to take this opportunity to invite those inactive members back into the community to lend their high-standing representation back to Outbreak, in an attempt to attract future individuals to consult our forum and apply for the same positions. 

Going forward, Discord voice channels will be disabled. This will allow the platform to purely exist as a text chat alternative, kind of like a big WhatsApp group without having to give people your phone number.

TeamSpeak 3 will remain open, and I suspect will fill up again much like the good old days. There is a Music bot plugin that has been installed, and DJs will be appointed to keep it clean and functional. We are working on that bot right now. But it is in a working state.


See you on TeamSpeak. (Again, this will be revisited when TeamSpeak 5 finally launches) 


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