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Important Information and Rules for Discord

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Outbreak Discord Rules

Welcome to Outbreak Community!

Our Discord has rules you must follow too, not abiding by them will get you kicked. Repeat offenders will receive harsh punishments. New players are joining our Discord every day and we would like to make it as welcoming as possible.

  • Absolutely no abuse. Targeted abuse/bullying will not be tolerated, especially over ethnicity, sex and belief.
  • No racism whatsoever. Racist words, names, descriptions or avatars are punishable.
  • No spamming chat, microphones or mentions.
  • No screamers or dodgy links of any kind which may contain harmful material.
  • No spamming soundboards in public channels. Soundboards are allowed in private channels. Gather rooms do not count.
  • No ban evading by joining with a different alias, using a VPN, or using another device to connect to Discord.
  • Do not join private channels unless you are invited. Ask someone in the channel before joining, do not join first and then ask if you can stay. Private channels include: Mix rooms, Fortnite rooms, and Battleground rooms.
  • No spoilers of any kind unless you are in a room where everyone agrees to discuss. Please be observant of new people joining the channel when talking.
  • Do not encourage others to break any of the rules.
  • Do not impersonate any other Discord users. This includes regulars. Staff are allowed to kick people from the server if they are using someone else's alias.
  • Do not attempt to loophole any rules, this could result in a ban or an extension on already existing bans.
  • Use #support-channel appropriately.  
  • Staff members have the final say on situations, any constant arguing with staff members over their decisions can result in an extended ban.

These are very simple rules to follow. New players bear in mind that our Discord is a very 'free' place, you can talk about what you want whenever you want as long as you abide by the above!

But most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Important Information

On Discord, starting from the top, we have 2 Text Channels: #announcements for announcements, it also has a copy of the Discord Rules and then the #support-channel which is where you can leave messages for the admin team such as reporting someone or if you need to be added to a Role you can post your request there.

After that we have a Category for all of our chat rooms, we currently have 5 Public Channels #general, #media, #csgo, #moba and
#bot-commands which by their names should be self explanatory if you need any guidance just look at the channel topic. We have have a few private channel depending on what role you have e.g. Members get access to a Members+ Chat.


Outbreak Server Bot (Full CMD List Here)

For all commands with this Bot start with a . for example .xp or .wheel 1.

XP System and discipline 

As explained in "Leveling" you will earn xp for typing in Discord text channels, this is not to be abused to boost you level, if you are found to be boosting your xp by spamming in chats then your will be reset back to level 1 and be restricted from gaining xp for a short period.

If you require a role update (ie; Member, Donator, VIP) then please only post once in the support channel and a member of staff will give you your required role when he/she is online.


Currency is used through discord as a mini-game currency for users to be able to use our built in games to go head-to-head for each others currency or to gamble it away for the chance to earn more! The currency will also act as a points system with a leaderboard where everyone can check to see who is the richest player on Discord.

.timely - Gives the user credits every 24 hours.
.$ - Shows the user's credit balance.


Fun Games/cmds

  • .timely - Gives the user credits every 24 hours.
  • .$ - Shows the user's credit balance.
  • .wheel [amount] - Bets the amount entered on a "wheel of fortune". User's entered amount gets doubled if they land on a 1 or above.
  • .slot [amount] - Bets the amount entered on a slot machine. 1 flower is x1, 2 flowers is x4, 3 flowers is 100x, and 3 of any other kind is 10x.
  • .bj [amount] - Bets the amount entered on blackjack. Available commands are: .hit, .stand, and .double, but there is no split command.
  • .race - Starts a race that people can join, up to 8 players.
  • .jr - Joins the race after it has been created in a channel.
  • .trivia - Starts a trivia that anyone can participate in, using ".[answer]". Questions will give some letters of the answer as a hint after a short time.
  • .tq - Stops the trivia after the current question has finished.
  • .acro - Starts an acronym game, to submit an answer the user only needs to type a sentence with the given acronym, no dot needed. Then players will vote on which is the best by simply typing the number of whichever answer they think is the best after 60 seconds, then the winner will be shown after 30 seconds.


I Am Commands

.iam [csgather/lolgather] - Adds the user to a group showing that they want to play a CS:GO or League of Legends gather.
.iamn [csgather/lolgather] - Removes the user from the group once they have been added.

Being added to these groups also allows the user to see and type in a CSGO or League of Legends gather text channel so they can talk with other people who want to play gathers.


Rhythm (Full CMD List Here
For all commands with this Bot start with a ! for example !play, This bot should be used when in NG1 Nightclub.


!play [song name and artist] - Plays the song which is most relevant to the name or word entered.
!play [youtube link] - Plays the Youtube link.
!play [youtube playlist link] - Queues and plays the whole playlist.
!search [song name] - Will list the 10 most relevant songs to the name or word entered, user can type one of the numbers to play that song.
!leave - Stops the song and makes the bot leave.
!stop (when song is playing) - Pauses the song.
!play (when song is paused) - Resumes the song.
!skip - Skips the current song and plays the next one in queue.
!lyrics [song name and artist] - Posts the lyrics for the song which has been entered.
!loopqueue - Loops the entire queue.
!clear - Clears the queue.
!removedupes - Removes any duplicates of songs in the queue.
!shuffle - Randomizes the queue.
!replay - Replays the current song.

Using any of the top 3 !play commands will queue the song and it will play after the current one has finished.


To make Discord easier whenever you join a voice channel you will be added to a role to view an text channel for the channel you are currently in, only people who are in the voice channel can see the text channel. The text history of these channels will also not stick around in the chat, this is essentially like Teamspeak where people are not able to see chat messages before they have joined the channel. It has also been set up so normal Admin role does not see your chat. 

We recommend that you bot the following channels #bot-commands and #logs

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