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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all It's the festive time of the year and it's time for the monthly update. - Donation System: I like to repeat myself As mentioned in the last News & Update there have been significant changes to the way the donation system works and the various perks available. There has also been an ongoing advent during the Christmas month which you can sign up for each day by logging into the page and clicking on the advent day. We also have a raffle going on for the chance to win the 3 month package costing £1 per entry (package usually costs £15.99). For more information on the store see the post here. - Secret Santa: Last chance to join in Continuing the theme of Christmas spirited things within OB, the draws for our yearly Secret Santa are being drawn tomorrow. If you want to get involved then make sure to read up all of the details and find the sign up thread here. The more the merrier and it's a good way of getting into the Christmas spirit while showing your appreciation for others in this community. - Landing Page: Gunstar's 'behind the scenes' work The meme goes that the admins with 'no hours' are just using the excuse 'behind the scenes' work, but soon we hope to show you that it isn't just a meme. A post will come once everything is properly sorted to show it off properly, but this is to give you the heads up that the hours of work that Gunstar has been putting into the landing page and its features will hopefully be in use soon. - New Moderators: Welcome As many of you will have noticed, some new green names have popped up. We are happy to welcome the following individuals to the moderator team: - Rory - Pasickle - giant_cheesepuff To those who haven't been picked we would like to make it clear that it doesn't automatically mean you aren't good enough to become a moderator. The moderator applications are still going to be open for the time being and if you wish to know why you haven't been picked so far or how you could improve then please feel free to contact a senior member of staff. Congratulations once again to those three and good luck on their trials. - Goodbye & Thank You With new blood also comes a farewell for old blood. We've had three moderators step down from our ranks over the past few weeks. Although his time as a mod was brief, Sovman helped a lot in the development of surf and was an all round great character. Strogglok held his position for quite a period of time, put a lot of hours into moderating JB and helped run several events. Thanks to you both for your contribution to our community. The third person I felt deserved a bit of a separate paragraph. Becoming a moderator way back in July 2015 (when the mod colour was still turquoise), this guy has stuck with us and taken on the responsibility of moderating for a heck of a long time. He always would put effort in and ensure he did his bit each week even if he wasn't feeling great about it or he felt less inspired to put in, because he felt an urge to do his bit for our community. When he first became a mod he was incredibly shy due to personal reasons and watching him develop over his time as part of the staff team, making leaps and bounds in confidence, has truly been a pleasure for me to witness. In my opinion he is one of the best moderators that OB has ever had and I will look forward to the day that he has more time and more inspired to become a part of the team again. Thank you Twiixtor for all the effort you have put in, both on the server and 'behind the scenes'. That will conclude this monthly update. Thank you once again to everyone who puts effort into this community. We hope you all have a great festive period, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The OB Staff
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