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  1. Hello everyone. As a decent number of people already know me (due to the procrastination of ever going on the forums and making this post) i will keep this pretty short. My name is Kiper. I'm 17 and from Ireland (I'm not the Brandon type of Irish though, not even we know what it i.) and i have been gaming for most of my life. I pretty much solely play LoL but i also play some overwatch and hearthstone. I'm a pretty chill guy and enjoy all types of music except maybe country. Gaming has been a big part of my life and during the golden age of MW2 i was the undisputed best trickshotting, quickscoping, mt dew drinking mlg 12 year old in my school (Although IrishChamp will claim otherwise) and played mainly CoD and pokemon ( Dont judge me pls) for the majority of my gaming career. Im currently Diamond 5 in LoL but stopped playing ranked a lot due to realising it is more cancer than an OB gather. Im currently in school and am on a year long course of procrastination and failure. I also enjoy Marvel and DC movies and will fight you if you don't believe Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is the best film (I'm like 5'9 so please dont do that.) I am quite shit at other games besides league (placed silver 1 in CSGO, something i will own with pride.) but can sometimes make semi-decent plays. I have a bad habit of telling very cringy or utterly horrible puns so just to warn you before you are subjected to such torture. Anyway i hope that has given those who do and do not know me some insight to the person behind Kiper.
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