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  1. I may or may not have spent 1350 euro. Its a secret tho. Definitely not 1350. That would be stupid......
  2. Be prepared for some clean play. This man DESTROYED @BIIIIIIIIIIIIIRD in lane ladies and gentlemen
  3. Feelsbadman Guess ill have to go find another shitkid to try impress
  4. Hey they dont need to be masterpieces, as long as big sweaty men are punching other big sweaty men or some alien is being destroyed to the tunes of the 80's im down and thanks dude
  5. 1. In 2. Cold one with the boys, obviously. 3. More times than i care to admit.
  6. Hello everyone. As a decent number of people already know me (due to the procrastination of ever going on the forums and making this post) i will keep this pretty short. My name is Kiper. I'm 17 and from Ireland (I'm not the Brandon type of Irish though, not even we know what it i.) and i have been gaming for most of my life. I pretty much solely play LoL but i also play some overwatch and hearthstone. I'm a pretty chill guy and enjoy all types of music except maybe country. Gaming has been a big part of my life and during the golden age of MW2 i was the undisputed best trickshotting, quickscoping, mt dew drinking mlg 12 year old in my school (Although IrishChamp will claim otherwise) and played mainly CoD and pokemon ( Dont judge me pls) for the majority of my gaming career. Im currently Diamond 5 in LoL but stopped playing ranked a lot due to realising it is more cancer than an OB gather. Im currently in school and am on a year long course of procrastination and failure. I also enjoy Marvel and DC movies and will fight you if you don't believe Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is the best film (I'm like 5'9 so please dont do that.) I am quite shit at other games besides league (placed silver 1 in CSGO, something i will own with pride.) but can sometimes make semi-decent plays. I have a bad habit of telling very cringy or utterly horrible puns so just to warn you before you are subjected to such torture. Anyway i hope that has given those who do and do not know me some insight to the person behind Kiper.
  7. Finally my chance to beat HeadHunter. Count me in.
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