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keemy Mod App (Accepted)

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In-game Name: keemy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49445032

Real first name: Nicholas

Previous admin experience: SCP: SL server mod

Age: 18

Average Teamspeak Time:  6-10 Hours a day maybe more

Time zone: GMT

Country: England

Membership of current CS clans/communities: OB

How long have you been with OB: 3/4 Years

Why you should be Moderator:  I would like to be mod so I could host events more frequently, and eventually when a server pops up a mod on that too, although I've had my altercations with the admin team previously, I have reformed my behaviour and would like to help OB by acting on what I said in my post on Time for Change. I think hosting more events with different games will bring the split and close it, doing so will also provide more opportunity for people to find a common interest in games and hopefully they'll eventually keep playing together.

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