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Retake Information & Rules

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Hello and welcome to Outbreak! Below is a list of our retake rules and information. Make sure you're familiarized with them!

A) -- General Server Rules - applies to all of our servers

1 ♦ No racism or discrimination of any kind, abusive or toxic behaviour will not be tolerated.

2 ♦ No cheating/scripting or bug abuse of any kind, such as getting to places the mapmaker didn't intend you to get to also AFK credit farming comes under this rule.

3 ♦ English must be spoken on mic and in chat.

4 ♦ No spamming of mic, radio or chat.

5 ♦ No advertising of other communities, websites, servers or products. This includes gambling websites.

6 ♦ Listen to moderators+ at all times.

7 ♦ Serious threats against the community and its players will result in a permanent ban.

8 ♦ Don't ban evade e.g coming onto the server using an alternate account whilst banned on your main.

9 ♦ Don't impersonate other players, members or staff. Also no fake OB steam groups.

10 ♦ You must have some English characters included in your name.

11 ♦ Don't lie to Outbreak staff.

12 ♦ Anyone with 3 or more VAC bans will be permanently banned.

13 ♦ Don't try and find loopholes in the rules, if you are unsure if something is allowed or not just use your common sense.

14 ♦ Do not encourage others to break any of the rules.

15 ♦ Disrespecting the staff & rules on other community servers while representing our community will NOT be tolerated.


B) -- Retake Specific Rules

1 ♦ Do not ghost the positions of your teammates to enemies in Teamspeak.

♦ Do not intentionally grief your teammates, such as blocking or teamflashing.


Retake Information

1 ♦ There is a store where players can purchase masks and chat features, such as tags and name colours.

2 ♦ There are 2 extra maps on the server as well as the standard CS:GO maps: Season & Santorini.

3 ♦ There is a leaderboard which players can earn points through kills, assists, plants and defusals. They can also lose points for failing to plant, suicides and deaths.

4 ♦ There are reserve slots which can be obtained by donating.

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