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  1. ESL Outbreak Winter 2017 So, let's get this started shall we. This Winter tournament was organised and constructed by Kai. Kai has put a tremendous effort in the management of getting the teams, themes and dreams to happen over the course of the last three days, and although this tournament wasn't favoured by many, we should really be happy that someone had the patience and motivation to go through with this event. It was an uphill battle from the start really. My part in this was very last minute and I assisted Kai with the live performances and general admin duties. Conor also played a part by allowing this to happen, and providing us with a platform on which to do this on - so thanks for that as well. A big THANK YOU also to those who took the time out of their evening to cast the live games. Props to Headhunter for streaming this on his Twitch account too! The winners this time were TEAM 5 - which coincidentally contains the main event host. Nevertheless well done to team 5. KAI | NADEY | SKILL | GUNSTAR | DANK POTATO Fun fact: Kai also had the most kills throughout the tournament scoring 206! The runners up (First losers) were TEAM 6 Danny | Brandon | Maj | Captain Jama | Pasickle Fun Fact: Pasickle died more times than he killed! A big hand to those guys. It is a pity that Pasickle was unable to play in the last matches, but I'll address that later. The Semi-Finalists were TEAM 8 and TEAM 7 Eagle | Cheekyie | Akame | Desi | Joji Extinct | Pluto | MiniColossus | GingerPopper | Lupha For the further list of useless losers who didn't quite make it to the semi, a link to a spreadsheet can be found at the bottom of this post. Fun Fact: Fluxy has never made it to a Semi Final! Please take a moment to review the Single map records: SINGLE MAP RECORDS PLAYER(S) AMOUNT Most Kills Kai & Danny 37 Least Kills Akame 2 Most Assists Mini, Desi & Vemix 9 Most Deaths Miknor, OLE, Revan, Rhyse, Akame & Joji 24 Least Deaths Drake 5 Highest ADR Kai 164 Lowest ADR Akame 25 Best KD Extinct 4.67 Worst KD Akame 0.11 Highest FED Eagle 91 Most Clutch Kills Nick 6 Some of those stats are quite incredible. Akame had a bad day with just 2 kills, while Extinct had a great game with a K/D of over 4. Discussion time! Many of you consider this to be the worst ESL ever. Kai and I will listen to the things you think made it be bad, but we don't appreciate a select few of you purposefully going out of your way to make the situation worse, especially when the event is live. The basic feedback that is taken from this is that there were probably too many teams, but more importantly, teams full of people nobody knew or people who didn't have the usual standard of commitment we have come to expect from these tournaments. We get that and hopefully on the next one, the organisers will enforce something to prevent this from happening. It seemed to upset quite a few people. Secondly I'd like to suggest that Pasickle is banned from the next OB tournament, whatever that might be. Constant abuse to the hosts throughout the live running of an event is not on. What's even worse is raiding the stream room to do it. Nope. You can sit on the naughty step for a bit until you learn not be a juvenile perisher. Thunder also gets a mention here for posting the IP of the game server in the Twitch chat. You know from previous experience that doing so often disrupts live games. Don't be a dick please. Wrap up: - Next time we have regulars - Stream it on the OB Twitch (I understand why that wasn't possible) - Set clearer rules that cannot be disputed - Allow greater time deliberation when deciding teams - Hosts don't participate - that seemed to rustle quite a few jimmies LINK TO FULL STATS: STATS
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