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8 hours ago, Sir_Conor said:


That’s pretty funny, but I never stole momentum’s money. My mistake was letting all those I gave moderator status access to a drive with all the PayPal details. I don’t really know why I blamed Biggles at the time but in hind side it was a bit stupid to trust people like Deamonic, cDay or the guy who factory reset the forum and the server with any of those details. 

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3 hours ago, gaffeR said:

did you ever feel like you where being groomed by certain members of outbreak? 

Well, obviously that Pauline has me under her/his spell. I was a fourteen year old boy and all of a sudden I was getting all this attention from a pretty girl who had many pictures so it was easy for me to believe it was real. I was naive and unfortunately it was the drama revolving Pauline and Daemonic which pushed me to leave the community and try and start my own. 

When I did leave, I never did it intending to start my own community, but as a kid who wasn’t very social not being in the community felt like something was missing so a few days later I decided the best thing to do would to start my own. 

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