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Secret Hitler 03/03/2020

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Hello all, 

I requiring 5 additional people to play a few games of Secret Hitler with on 3rd March (Tuesday) after 7pm. It will be a first come first serve jobbie, just please but sure you understand how to play before writing your name down. Anyone not selected will fall into the standby list in the order they sign up.

I am aiming for games with 8 players in each as I have been told that is the best player base to play with, however may bump it up if there are only a few standby.


This game night is not an official Outbreak Event and you will not be punish for not showing up but you will be considered a huge dickhead by all players involved.


Current Players

  1. Sir_Conor
  2. Frostie
  3. Jackaleen 
  4. Keemy
  5. Quinn
  6. Toby
  7. Vinnie
  8. Hazed

Standby List

  1. Cheesepuff
  2. Irishchamp
Edited by Frostie

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