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Oldies who used to be active show yourselves!

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I lurk on these forums every 2-3 months. (I even joined TS a couple months back.)

So how am I doing, still am a Business Intelligence Consultant. Ever since I started work, I bought my own house. And I am now living together with my girlfriend who is pregnant of me and we have two dogs. I guess a lot of years have passed for me after OB, but I always keep fond memories of OB and sometimes they draw me back to the forum.

I know I had my good and bad days within this community both at the steering wheel and besides it. But i'm thankful that I got to meet all you quirky individuals, you all and this community had a much bigger impact on my life than I ever thought it would have (in a positive way). 

I hope all is well for you all. (Even Chris, Tweep and any other individual I have ever banned.)

Also Fluxy i'm sorry for this:



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