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Sad reality

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It’s just dawned on me that no one cares anymore. But it’s also dawned on me that im perfectly okay with that and so is everyone else. Everyone has accepted that we’re basically a turd that when it originally got shat out, it attracted a FUCK load of flies.. but now even the turd has lost it’s flavour and is no longer attractive to flies. Just a turd sitting stale in some overgrown grass. I propose we all get together in one channel one night and all say together in harmony: “it’s over”

how this thread will go now:

danny will post some weird facebook gif no one will understand

someone will attempt to bait someone into making an angry post (likely an OG or Quinn)

mintlou will chime in with a behind the scenes post

random dudes trying to derail with a ‘hehe rawr lulz ultra random i like custard cremes’ post

Not even a secret santa :’(, it’s over

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Can we move to discord now?

On a real, its a shame but im happy to have been apart of OB, its gave me some belting times over the years and would like to thank you all for that!

Made some real friends and met a few of the guys but we had a good run, but i think our time has past ?

Cheers to everyone, people who have come and gone, to people that are still around, we did well.

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Some things can't last forever but a lot of people made lasting friendships in outbreak and have had great times over the years, myself included.

But atleast we can agree on 1 thing the OB Mod Brandon was the greatest era we had, full servers every night. Ruled with an iron fist.

Was a pleasure to ridden outbreak with the real 'shit kids' and the occasional cheater, shout-out to my boys you know who you are.

I'll always be lurkin in the shadows even if I don't know my face and you'll always have the soundboards.

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