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Discord Ultimatum

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Just now, Fluxy said:

The vote was up for literally ages. at no point did anyone mention it should be restricted to members only. 

I voted for Discord, but I am happy to accept that it lost. 

A true soldier accepting defeat. Dignity intact, something that can't be said for Quinn ?

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Just now, Mintlou said:


I have a bag of gold stars on my desk for people who write their posts with good grammar, unfortunately I'm not able to issue any of them to you as you've lost the basic ability to write when in the state of immense disagreement with people.

like i write any better when im in agreement with people mintlou lmao

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4 hours ago, Skeff said:


@Eagle Thanks for publishing the list. It gives a real perspective to see who is active in these discussions.

To help me understand who I know I have split the list into the basic membership categories

Members - 65.5% of the votes

  1. Brake_d0wn
  2. Chus
  3. Danny
  4. Eagle
  5. Eraser
  6. Extinct ツ
  7. FlaSh
  8. Fluxy
  9. Frostie
  10. GingerPopper
  11. Hazed
  12. IrishChamp
  13. Jak
  14. Jamie
  15. Kai
  16. Lucy
  17. MiniColossus
  18. Mintlou
  19. Oldmike
  20. Pasickle
  21. Quinn
  22. Rachel
  23. Scrobbesbyrig
  24. Scrune
  25. Sir_Conor
  26. Skeff
  27. Sovman
  28. Toby.
  30. Vemix
  31. Veng3nce
  32. Wist
  33. gaffeR
  34. giant_cheesepuff
  35. keemy
  36. marsh
  37. nick
  38. w33zy
  39. ҉NuclearGamer

Every member voted which is fantastic!

Retired members & Long term regulars - 13% of the votes

  1. Biggles
  2. Desig
  3. JME
  4. Jaydog!
  5. Quake
  6. Kartoffel
  7. SonyTwan
  8. mitch

Glad to see veterans get their say!

Non members - 21.5% of the votes

  1. CHeeKYiE
  2. Drake
  3. HeadHunter
  4. JamesG
  5. JasperTheHamster
  6. Nuetraluk1
  7. TheCake
  8. TheSwiftWolf
  9. Yoshi
  10. bd0n
  11. |JessE |
  12. ♥ SmokingKitty 
  13. Twitzoh


y gotta do me like that bro

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