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July Monthly Update

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We still currently have a Mordhau server up and running. It has remained stable from a technical point of view, however we agree that the player stats are lower than originally anticipated at this time.
The server resource itself can be reassigned to any game that you wish (providing the setup requirements are reasonable). Please put forward any suggestions either in the shout-box or create a thread if you’ve got something that you’re a bit more passionate about.
Member of the Month
Congratulations to Jamie! He’s our member of the month for his continued efforts in the encouragement in the community progress both in private and public scenarios. We encourage any feedback in a constructive format to be sent our way for continuous development and improvement of the experiences we can provide.
We would like to see more examples of that passion and attitude on the forum! 
Weekly Game Nights
The weekly game nights are now being fully managed within the Outbreak calendar. As a courtesy, the events will still be posted in the events section with a URL to the calendar event. 
We have listened to feedback about how they should be operated and have decided that the event organiser will attend the event to be the point of contact and moderate the channel if necessary. 
We would also like to remind everyone to use the RSVP button within the calendar event to let the organiser know who’s likely to be around. “Maybe” is better to us than no response at all!

OB Merch
Although this was discussed last time, it’s clear that the opinion is overwhelmingly against official community merchandise right now. Never say never!
Community Meeting
We’d like to invite you all to another mass meeting which will be held in TeamSpeak on Thursday 1st August @ 7:30PM
This will give anyone an opportunity to discuss anything they want with Members & Staff. It usually results in people playing some games afterwards too. 



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