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Community Game Nights... FAIL... Thanks to YOU.

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Ok im gonna go on a little rant here

Community game nights were discussed in the meeting as a way of bringing the community together in this stagnant phase without a server. There is a quite obvious divide amongst people, not necessarily a bad thing as people have their own friend groups, but for many people to sit in a meeting and agree this would be something everyone was down for but have absolutely fuck all people show up is just abysmal. 

It's one night a week, surely more than the SAME 5 people can make an effort and show up? Okay you can argue that the forest wasn't a f2p/cheap game but we also offered skribblio and the ship before that (plenty of people had free copies) but ended up playing mordhau cos 5 people show up... Im not calling out anyone, people know who shows up and who doesn't. I don't blame Eagle for not putting threads up anymore because people can't be bothered.

FFS OB you can do better than this


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I am ashamed since I missed out on 'The Ship" after I been wanting to play. I just couldn't tell what game was actually going to be for game night. I didn't even get to participate in other games because I was either out or I didn't have the specific gather game.

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Glad to see the rant is posted by one of the several people who's RVSP'd to the first Community game night but didn't show up.

Didn't even know last times actual game.

Age Of Empires or riot.


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TS is fucking shit for this fuck ts go disc retards

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1 hour ago, Jamie said:

 I don't blame Eagle for not putting threads up anymore because people can't be bothered. 

Just wanna clarify that I didn't the make the threads last week because I was away, not because I've given up with weekly game nights.


I will still continue to run the nights because for the people that do turn up, it does end up being fun and a way to play some games that you might not usually choose, but it is annoying for a sizeable portion of the community to agree on an idea and then when it's actually implemented for people to just suddenly not show up.


I don't really believe that people don't know the details of how the nights work, but just in case:

MONDAY: Thread is made for game suggestions

WEDNESDAY: Vote is made for game choice

FRIDAY: Games night at 7:30pm in the events channel on teamspeak


Also, I've seen a few people say that they didn't know what the game was on a certain night, I do try to keep the calendar event up to date, but failing that you can just look at the vote thread or ask on the night.


I don't actually have an issue with people not turning up if they don't enjoy it, but there is a huge discrepancy between the people who said it would be a good idea and the people who turn up so I just don't really understand why? Do people want to do it on a different night or later etc.? (A weekend maybe?)


2 minutes ago, keemy said:

>someone suggests a game to play

>same person also doesn't show up to play that game 


Big +1 to this as well.

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OK rather than having a domestic like deranged orphans that have been thrown out of THE DIRTY HACKER's hospice, why don't we all just have one big ol' community discussion on TS again and then play some games after that? 

Haven't talked to many of you for a while. Let's catch up. Admittedly I have not been a role model for turning up to events recently, which looks awful as I marketed myself as the enthusiastic man trying to save OB from capsize. It's been a weirdly busy patch for me at the moment, I think I'm now coming to the end of that - Last week I got hit with an out of hours job after work because the other guy in the office double booked himself (changed 2 UPS units for those that want the nitty gritty). Friday had me pinned for family meal, and yesterday I was invited to drink all day at a festival. 

For now I'm sat here with me new CPU ready to give it a burn in. So I can't wait to play worms with it. 

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