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Why you should consider AMD's RYZEN CPU for your next build - PART 3

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To finalise my yearly updates: 

AMD is releasing their new 3rd gen, Zen 2 CPUs on July 7th.

The bit you need to know: Rumour has it they are faster on single core performance than Intel (previously Intel stuff has ALWAYS won here), faster on multi-core  (AMD Ryzen usually wins here) AND they are going to be cheaper than the Intel counterpart. 

If all the above is true, there is no reason you'd buy an Intel CPU other than you don't wanna fork out on a new motherboard. And if you still want to be an Intel fanboy you bet they'll be dropping prices around the end of July to compete. Good for customers.

  • RAM has returned to normal pricing - in my head that's been £40 for 8GB
  • SSDs are ludicrously cheap - 120GB SSD a year ago would have been around £70, they are now ~£20
  • GPUs have come down in price because Bitcoin died off

If you are thinking of building a new PC, July/August is the best opportunity for the last 5 years to do it!

I've been following Ryzen from day one, and we're about to see the results of AMD's efforts. Support them to keep the CPU market competitive.

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Thank you for the update. Your recommended build for my pc is great although the CPU kinda bottlenecks the GPU which kinda doesn't let me play games like BF1 or BFV even on low. I do plan on upgrading my motherboard and CPU since it kinda limits what games I can play.

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With a 7500 I wouldn't even consider upgrading yet - with most modern games it's still going to be your GPU that will be the primary bottleneck. 

If you reallllly wanted to then I'd recommend a Ryzen 3600x or above. I personally have the 3700x. 

Intel haven't really dropped their prices enough to make it an actual compelling reason to but their CPUs over AMD right now. They've had their pants pulled down and they are pissing in the wind... Unless they suddenly unveil something that beats AMD, which is unlikely because Intel are proper struggling with their manufacturing processes right now, they cannot produce CPUs at the same atomic level that AMD can. 

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18 hours ago, Vemix said:

Might be time to swap it up to AMD

Ryzen 1st and 2nd gen were proof of concept you ask me. I wouldn't advise people buy them as they don't give amazing results compared to what Intel has. 

Go with 3rd Gen, or save cash until you have enough for it. 

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20 hours ago, Vemix said:

Might be time to swap it up to AMD. Here is what I am planning on buying since it looks pretty decent.



I have pretty much the same set up, works like a peach on all the games I play. (R5 2600, GTX1070)

Should probably get EVO power supply, I heard Corsair's PSUs sometimes go tits up and blow up. (Mine did, fun times)

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