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June Monthly Update

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We are currently hosting a 48 slot Mordhau server (thanks Mintlou!) which is already ranked among the top 200 community servers! At the moment it is running on Frontline, but this can be changed if people want a different gamemode. We encourage everybody to try populating the server as much as possible and of course give any ideas they have for its development.

Weekly Game Nights
Starting this week, we will be starting up a weekly game night on Friday nights at 7:30, with the idea being that people can just chill out together on a pre-determined game. Votes will be opened at the beginning of the week to decide on which game people would like, and a channel made on teamspeak on the night. Although these are not strict events, people will still be expected to be respectful and trolls will just be banned.

During the community meeting, many of you expressed a good amount of interest for a Discord trial, the idea being that we would have roughly a week where the TeamSpeak server would be closed to better evaluate whether Discord would be viable or not.

It is likely that this will be happening in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on the forums!

OB Merch
There has been interest for Outbreak branded merch, although it has yet to be decided what items will be available, prices etc.

We would greatly appreciate any ideas regarding what you would like to see from this, and especially any potential designs that could be used.

Promotions & Member of Month
Congratulations to Mintlou on receiving the Partner role and Marsh, Toby, Lucy and Hazed for passing trial!

Well done also to Danny on achieving member of the month for his help in event hosting, as well as other members such as Gaffer for their contributions within the community.

CLWO vs OB Event
We are considering running a CS:GO event with CLWO in the near future, please express your interest on this thread if you want this to happen:

Staff Overhaul
For those of you that haven't seen, the staff hierarchy has been re-worked, for more details see this thread:

Community Meeting
We held another successful community meeting on 08/06, see the notes from it here:


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