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Hello - a seven year update

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Had a little trip down memory lane today, and had a look at my introduction from 2012. I thought I'd make a new one in the interest of actually meeting some more corners of the community, but for reference you can see below:

On 20/08/2012 at 15:19, Wist said:

Yeah, I'm Wist, I think some of you probably know me a little now.

I always hate writing these introductions - I never really know what to put.

I'm sixteen, I usually play by the name Harry, but I've been using Wist on steam. Most of you know me as a wannabe pro ct, I've donated a very small bit and tend to laugh my way through jailbreak.

Currently doing my A-Levels, though I did my A Level English at 13. (Yay, I guess?)

Play CSS, COD4, a whole host of PS3 games, I'm a sucker for rockband and guitar hero (expert on drums/guitar.)

If I'm not being a potato on css, I'm cycling (I cycle 40km a day) or with my girlfriend. Or watching films with friends - we raid sainsbury's and buy so much junk food you wouldn't even believe. I also design maps, but for cod4. ? Might try css mapping one day.

Peep that completely unnecessary A Level English brag - what the fuck was I hoping for?

Anyway, I am (still) Wist, but my real name is Harry. I am now 23, and live in London. I work in Technology Resilience at Deloitte Cyber, specialising in Business Continuity and Catastrophic Recovery in Financial Market Infrastructures. In plainer English, I effectively help banks, clearing houses, brokers, securities dealers, repo dealers, payments infrastructure (and a whole host more) recover from IT failure of all stripes - minor outages to total disasters. If anyone is interested, read this story about the world's largest shipping company, Maersk, being hit by a cyber attack. It's about the kind of scale I'm aiming to combat.


Prior to working in Cyber, I studied Political Philosophy at a place called Trinity Hall. I grew up in Somerset, where my parents still live. I think I've probably served in more roles than anyone else in Outbreak: from memory, Member, Mod, Admin, Head Admin, Community Admin, Co-Owner, Owner, Veteran and now back to Member again. I will always have a special place in my heart for this community - we really are a (dysfunctional) family. I think I probably know the OGs better than most of my real friends. Between my life's ups and downs, they're usually the first to know. I definitely hope the younger generation get the same bond - it's a special thing (and probably why the OGs are such an insufferable clique if you're not 'in').


Don't have nearly enough time to game as I'd like anymore, but I seem to be playing CS:GO, Rocket League, and FTL as my 'go-tos'. I'm still running around as a fairly headless chicken trying to work out how to vaguely adult - no luck yet.


I'm conscious that some of the younger folks are getting to that near-university application stage - If you ever need a hand, just yell. I'm happy to help with personal statements or revision advice etc. etc.


Anyway, that's me. Hope to see more of you around!



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Hi Wist! We may have not spoken often but it is always great to see what people do with their lives away from the keyboard. It was really nice of you to give us an update! ?




This onscreen keyboard sucks making sentences. 


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5 hours ago, Rachel said:

hmu with that personal statement ???? what other universities did you apply for btw?

Only LSE in addition the second time around. First time was Warwick, Oxford, LSE, Sheffield, and Birmingham.

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