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Brawhalla Event - Saturday and Sunday May 04/05 2019 18:00

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This event will be held by GingerPopper and keemy.

Make sure to add either of us if you haven't, otherwise you won't be able to take part.

Event Details:

- The event will last two days. On saturday there will be a 1 vs 1 tournament and on sunday we will be doing a 2 vs 2 tournament. 

- For the 1 vs 1 tournament, the participants will take part in best of 3's, after which they will notify either @GingerPopper or @keemy as to  who   won. After the first bracket is finished we will move on to the second phase which will again be a best of 3, till we reach the finals which will be   best of 5.

- On sunday it will be similar, but 2 vs 2 instead, again we will do best of 3's and the finals will be best of 5's. Depending on how many people we get, we will decide if we will participate ourselves.

- We will also be hosting a losers bracket for the 1 vs 1 tournament.

Click here to sign up:


  • Please play, no matter how much you think you might lose, do not give up and make the event less fun for everyone involved.
  • All legends are allowed, you can swap legends at any point and do not have to stick to certain ones for the whole tournament.
  • Have Fun!


  • If you sign up and have to drop out due to unexpected reasons, please notify one of the event hosts.
  • Groups for the 2 vs 2 tournament will be decided depending on how many people sign up. They will be released after the 1 vs 1 tournament.

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