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JamesG's Member Application

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Player Name: JamesG

Date of Birth: 18/7/2000


Country/Location: Watford, England

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37854122

Games Played: Apex Legends, Overwatch, Football Manager, The Sims 4 (only with some DLC), Motorsport Manager & Brawlhalla

Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? May 2015 until death

What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? Some mediocre level apex legends, The best football manager tactics, hogging Mei in overwatch (I do kill people just not a lot) and not killing my sims in sims. I also like playing games

Tell us a little something about yourself: I’m 18,I have been to multiple countries and am a fanatic Watford FC fan. I am going to the FA Cup final too.

Is this your first post? Nope 

Have you been around for less than 2 weeks (this includes Teamspeak and forums)? Nope.

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Posted (edited)

as self appointed diversity officer i urge you to decline this app

out of the many quotas we fail to meet disabled people are not one of them

has called me a tranny multiple times, confused being transgender with being bipolar, is racist against Palestinians but has been around long enough - like a rash - to the point where not giving him member would be cruel


yeah no, gaffers post

Edited by Quinn

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Posted (edited)

If you think its ok to go around laughing and telling everyone he came across in the channel about an accident that one of our members had that resulted in someones death, then +1.................................... 🙄😡🤬

Quote - "Gaffer did you hear _____ has killed someone hahahaha" 

Just for that alone for me personally its a 100% no.

Also a compulsive liar.

Edited by gaffeR

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-1, too annoying as he always has been, it is uncommon for him to not be aids and hes probs got -minus volume or blocked by most people in certain channels. Also brings up random ass shit during peoples conversation to be an attention whore, there is no way that he is ready to be member.

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Right, this is how it is. You were chill when I first met you and at first i didn't understand why you were disliked, that soon changed. You would constantly try and join the conversation as soon as you joined the channel, interrupting others and annoying them at the same time. Then we come to the stuff you randomly splurge out all the time,; first of all it has no relevance 90% of the time and secondly, it is 50% of the time to try and one up someone else on a topic they were talking about. All this paired with the lying really shows me why people, and now me, find it hard to get on with you. Also, you need to work on understanding when certain input is valid or even wanted as it seems to be common that you just say something for attention. Furthermore, going back on your previous member app you have barely improved on anything that was said to you. In my opinion, you have to really reflect on yourself and consider why and how you should change before you deserve member.    -1.

Edited by Toby.

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