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First Mobile Phone

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What was your first mobile phone?


Mine was a 6110:


It had snake and monophonic ringtones and was black pixels on a green background and you could change the 11x64px banner by texting a premium rate number that would automatically install the picture. I had a tribal pattern, and a St George’s Cross case on it.

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got an old phone from a family member when i was in primary school

good old motorola razr

all the chads at school made fun of me for having a shitter phone (bearing in mind this was like 2011/2012)

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Don't give a fuck what anyone says this was the bomb. Fucking lookin like some mad cunt popped an echie in your pocket when you get a call



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First phone was I was around 8/9 - Dad upgraded and all I wanted was the golf game on this phone

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