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apex legends

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43 minutes ago, Scrobbesbyrig said:

I've been having so much fun with Pathfinder, its a shame that his support role is pretty much the "escape artist" and "ambusher", would like to see him have the ability to grapple a downed teammate towards him or be able to pull up a friend to his position, though I'd have a feeling that would be abused to HELL by trolls.

in the trailer he grapples someone which is confusing, i figured he'd have that to

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10 hours ago, Oldmike said:

So I tested out the "double pump" glitch and looks a little something like this... It's pretty hard to do unless maybe you reconfigure your whole keybindings. Regardless, I'm sure it's quite easy to make a macro for this. Respawn, pls fix.

looks like it could be powerful if it only uses 1 slot, actual double pump would be trash in this game i feel

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