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What games people are known for in OB

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So, over time we all play different games right? Sometimes we play games alone and sometimes we play games with our friends but there's often that one game that prevails through all else and you kinda become associated with it. Maybe its shit but you play it anyway cause you love it, maybe you are really good at it, maybe its just been in your life for a long time and you cant not play it. I started thinking which people could be associated with what game...Heres some I came up with

@w33zy - Rocket League 

@Mintlou - My summer car obviously 

@VENGA BUS - The Witcher 3 

@gaffeR - Heroes of Newearth or... HON

@keiji - Victoria 2 

 @Jamie - Runescape 

@SonyTwan - Probs Tekken or dead by daylight 

@Jak Tower Unite 😎

@Fluxy - Total War: Warhammer

@Eraser - Path of Exile 




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@SonyTwan brutes

@Wist scribble.io

@Scrobbesbyrig geoguessr

@Fluxy @JamieA critically acclaimed role playing masterpiece which has won over 250 Game of the Year awards and literally over 800 awards generally

@mitch CSGO

@Mintlou Freddie Mercury Aids Simulator/raging in Viscera Cleanup Detail and/or immigrants

@brandon raging at anything

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@gaffeR im gonna play some HONNNN

@mitch Binding of isaac

@Mintlou Any bus/car sim

@Jamie Runescape xd

@Lewis @nick CS:GO God  

@VENGA BUS Riding roach 

@Fluxy Any Galactic spaceship battle 

@Wist FTL

@SonyTwan any platformer game

@keemy Dead by Daylight

@Extinct ツ @FlaSh playing rust together

@Oldmike Conan / csgo KZ

@Rory GOP , Good times 😞

@Eraser @Major Chaos Path of Exile

@Sir_Conor @Thunder @Danny Hearts of Iron? 

@Scrobbesbyrig ye i @keji first wat u do victoria scrub

@Rachel Rainbow six siege 

@Frostie my only zelda weeb friend here

@Eagle @Skill @Vemix @Veng3nce Rocket league noobs

@IrishChamp u dont deserve RL, so here u get League of Legends 

@Finnley  @Stiqqy Overwatch ?

@Liutvi Mestan Smashing rocks

@Pasickle @Kai Csgo plebs

@Absolute miss u brother

inb4 edit xd 

cry bucket if i missed u

Edited by w33zy

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On 02/02/2019 at 18:24, keemy said:

@keemy Dead By Daylight

@Skill Rocket League

@Eagle book reeding sim

@Kai not anything you ask him to play

@GingerPopper Fortnite

@FlaSh Brawlhalla

@Extinct ツ Rust

@Pasickle ket

@Twitzoh no one cares

I hate dorknite, bring back @all JailBreak

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