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Hey, just wanted to make this thread to see what trailers you are hyped for, or what something that you thought was pretty sick. Whether it be past, present or in the future!




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 Not so much as a trailer but a teaser for a fan made 40k film. I have been semi-following it since its announcement back in 2013 so by this point I am kinda like doubting it will ever truly see the light of day. 

Even so its still far and away the coolest 40k cinematic kicking about atm 



Also a similar project called "Astartes" released this short video a few weeks back, smaller scope but still just as great


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10 hours ago, Eraser said:

Also i know a lot of you nibbas dont play league but this animation is pretty nuts


this makes me wanna try League, but then I remember it's League and I no longer wanna try it out

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