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It's back boys

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I deleted the old hub, so people will have to join the new hub.

Few things still need to be sorted, but people actually need to be in the hub for it to happen. Tier assignments and etc.

Invite links are in the process if being handed out.


If there's anyone who wants to be a Moderator / Possibly Admin for the hub message me. General requirements will be -

- ~2 years in this community and be a member.

- Some short of recording software - Shadowplay for instance.

- The ability to be unbias.

- Active player

Powers - Banning players(with some discussion), able to manage live games for example cancelling games where it is needed(see in rules) and inviting players to the hub.

The current structure looks something like this -

Owner - Danny

Head Admin - Kai

Admin(s) - Craig(Mini), TBD, TBD (Looking for one or two more preferably)

Moderators - Flash, more TBD

Other roles include:

Tier 1 captains - Danny, Mini, Kai, Mike and possibly more. (will see who plays and not)

Tier 2 captains - Flash, a lot more TBD


The first Season of the New Hub, 17th January - 28th February. Will continue to be monthly afterwards.

Prizes -

1st - ab9b48c85e47c01279ea54715444f6b2.png AK - 74 Point Disarray - Field Tested

2nd -8fa7110d166ab7061e76dcc2265753e3.png USP Orion - Minimal Wear

3rd -8d5c508d8acfe390d6e7ceb23034ff18.png P250 See Ya Later - Field Tested



In game rules

  • Baiting to the extent of toxicity and harassment is unacceptable. Think about what you are saying and how much you say it.
  • Do not flame players for how they play and how good they are, they are wanting to enjoy themselves. Being competitive is fine, needless raging is not.
  • Refusing to cooperate with your team to the point that you are trolling and ruining the game for other players is unacceptable.
  • No quitting gathers, ensure you have time before you commit to a game.
  • Mass team killing and other forms of flat out extreme trolling are unacceptable.
  • Other people being provoking is not an excuse to reply with toxicity, two wrongs do not make a right.
  • You MUST be in the TS in the mix room with your teammates. ts.join-ob.com
  • If you have anyone muted on your team during a gather, you will get a ban.

Rules concerning the cancellation of games - Contact Mod+

-If a game starts, and one player disconnects before or during the Third Round of the game the team with the lost player has the right to ask a mod+ for the game to be cancelled.
-If a captain accidentally picks the wrong player, the games goes on.
-If a player in a game purposely ruins it, the result will stand. However the guilty player will be HARSHLY banned.
-If there is something wrong with the lobby, i.e IP not loading or Captains are wrong. The game will be cancelled and a remake will be made.


-For ANY unbans, some evidence HAS to be shown. Without any, unbans will not be considered.
In some cases, people will recieve the benefit of the doubt first time around. However, repeat offences will result in bans being longer.

On Rules that are too broad to cover

-Admins are allowed to give bans as they see fit. Depending on the situation, bans will be modified after they have been discussed with the rest of the admin team. Continuous arguing with members of staff can lead to an extension on already existing bans.


-If a player has a VAC in the past 365 days you will be immediately banned and blacklisted from the hub.
-Playing on alts of a VAC banned account will also be banned.
-Players with very low hours (for example players with 15 hours and 0 friends) will be treated suspicous and bans possible.
-Refusing to obey these rules can result in bans from gathers.

Additional Rules

  • Players must only have one active account on the hub. Smurfs/Alt accounts could ruin the competitive integrity of games.
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6 hours ago, Quinn said:

rank requirement


There isn't a rank requirement, I believe we've come to an agreement where we will allow people in to trail as such, not 100% though will have to get danny to confirm.

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1 hour ago, MiniColossus said:

I believe we've come to an agreement where we will allow people in to trail as such

Pretty sure that's how it is, allow people who are questionable to trial.

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