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Hytale - Standalone game from Hypixel

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(quoted below if you don't want to open the website)

  • When is Hytale coming out?
    • This date is still to be confirmed. We’re eager to get it into the hands of players but we want to make sure we do so at a time that makes sense. We want to be confident that we deliver a first impression worthy of player expectations as well as our own ambitions. Rest assured that we are ramping up production to deliver the game to you as fast as we’re able while also meeting these standards.
  • What are the different ways that I can play Hytale?
    • Hytale is comprised of three main pillars:
      • Adventure mode, where you embark on a journey through a procedurally generated fantasy world either solo or with friends. 
      • Minigames: session-based experiences where you test your skills in PvP and co-op.
      • Creative tools designed for all types of content creators.
    • Community servers can take advantage of all of these aspects of Hytale to realize their own vision.
    • Find out more about all of these modes on the game page!
  • What platforms will Hytale be released on?
    • Hytale will launch for PC and Mac, with the capacity to run game servers on Linux. We’ll explore the possibility of releasing the game on other platforms during development, but for now our focus is on PC and Mac.
  • What languages will be available at release?
    • This is to be confirmed. Please stay tuned for more information!
  • Can you reserve my username, please?
    • Hytale usernames will be unique. This means that there can only be one ‘Bob’ or one ‘Sally’. We understand how important names are to players, so we’re excited to let you know that we’ve developed a name reservation system that will become available at some point within the next few months. More details to come.
  • What age rating is Hytale?
    • Hytale is not yet rated, but we’re aiming for T for Teen.
  • Will you have parental controls built into the game?
    • Hytale will include a comprehensive set of tools that will allow account holders to limit access to online play and custom content. However, as with every online game, we encourage parents to pay attention to the content that their children are consuming as well as their interactions with others online. 
  • Is Hytale going to be free to play or paid? 
    • We’re still finalising the exact details of the business model. When that’s done, we’ll share more details!
  • Are you going to have beta tests?
    • Yes. You can register for the waiting list right now, in fact! Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information about upcoming tests.
  • What makes Hytale different from existing Hypixel server minigames?
    • Hytale was built from ground up with minigames in mind which means that we - and community creators - have the freedom to create experiences you’ll enjoy. We can even make a top-down shooter if we want to! It also gives us new opportunities like anti-cheat, client optimizations specific to minigames, and much more.
  • Does this mean that you’re going to stop supporting Hypixel minigame servers?
    • No! The Hypixel server will remain active and supported - exactly the same as it is now. In fact, the team working on Hytale broke off from the Hypixel server team over two years ago. Current Hypixel server players shouldn’t notice any change in the rate of updates, new content, or quality of support.
  • Will I be able to move my stats/progress from the Hypixel server to Hytale?
    • Hytale is a brand new game and it is not possible to move anything between the two.
  • What is the difference between Hypixel Inc. and Hypixel Studios?
    • Hypixel Inc. is the company that runs (and will continue to run) the Hypixel server. Hypixel Studios is a new company that has been formed in order to develop Hytale.
  • Where can I get more information about the development of Hytale?
    • You’ll find regular updates from the developers on this website - be sure to follow our various social media channels for even more information. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you sign up for the beta, you’ll also get occasional updates via email.
  • Can you tell us more about PvP?
    • During the trailer creation process we made a conscious decision to only touch lightly on PvP. We understand that the PvP community will hold us to high standards, and we wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to give us your requests and feedback now that Hytale is public. We are consulting with community leaders and experts in order to deliver deep and varied PvP that’s both fun and fair. You can expect individual aspects and elements of PvP to be covered more deeply in future preview articles.


  • What engine does Hytale run on?
    • Hytale runs on a proprietary, custom-built engine. We were unable to find any off-the-shelf engines that were suitable for our vision of a high-end blockgame.
  • Will there be two-factor authentication (2FA)?
    • Optional app-based 2FA will be available from the moment you are able to create an account.
  • Will you support modding?
    • Yes. Hytale was made with creators in mind and includes a comprehensive collection of tools that grant players more creative power than ever, from model creation and animation to filmmaking, in-game scripting, and - of course - building with blocks.
    • However, to combat abuse we will not permit modifications to the client itself. With the amount of freedom you are given with Hytale’s toolset, however, you won’t need to do so. Having a single version of the game to support makes things easier for us as developers, too.
  • How extensively can I mod the game?
    • Every aspect of Hytale is customizable, from damage values to animations, models, weather, combat mechanics, and more. Our ambition is to empower our community to make entire new worlds for themselves. We will cover this more deeply in an upcoming post showcasing the breadth of content you can make.
  • How do players customize their playing experience if the client is not open to modding?
    • When a client connects to a community server with a custom version of the game, a handshake process occurs in which all of the required files, data, sounds, models, animations, and so on are downloaded by the client.
  • Will I be able to run my own server?
    • Yes. You will be able to run your own adventure servers, your own minigames, and more. More details will follow in the next few months.
  • Where will official servers be located?
    • We can easily transfer players’ connections around the world to ensure they are playing with the lowest ping possible, as long as there’s an opponent to connect them to.
  • What minimum computer specs do I need?
    • We don’t have official minimum specs yet, but currently you can play Hytale on a low end integrated laptop GPU with default view distance just fine. We understand that many players in our community are running lower-end computers. That said, there will also be extensive graphics options available for players with more powerful systems.


very excited for this

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Trailer makes it look like it isn't Minecraft

When we try it out however, I feel like my opinion will change

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18 minutes ago, Akaveira said:

Trailer makes it look like it isn't Minecraft

When we try it out however, I feel like my opinion will change

beta is signuppable on the website

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1 hour ago, Jamie said:

Terraria and Minecraft fuse together.

Conor, answer to your prayers right here, hytale server next pls

honestly this could work, but you'll have to act fast and it might bring in a different audience than we are used to.

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Looks really good although I worry I've played too much minecraft to appreciate it.

Also reminds me of cubeworld which I missed out on.

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