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Servers down?

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i went to hop on minigames last night but the server seems to have been down. Also seems to be down today whats happened?


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On the homepage of outbreak community under the banner is the servers. As of right now the servers are orange meaning they are down.

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This is a deeply troubling situation, which I hope is rectified so the community based around its servers can come back to life.


Being serious, when are we gonna become a Witcher 3 fanbase community?

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21 minutes ago, Sir_Conor said:

The "host" for the game servers is cheesepuff.

@VENGA BUS What's your favourite place in Witcher 3?


Toussaint, probably. But really I like so many different places in this incredible narrative driven game. Skellige is gritty and awesome too. It's like being on an island full of Rories.



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