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October Update Thread

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Starting things off...

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that was able to attend tonight and make the opening a little special. After running the server for a short time we found it would be beneficial to add the autohop plug it, and this will be the same as it evolves. We hope to increase the amount of plug-ins onto the server to make it as enjoyable as it can be. Once again thank you for coming to the opening and helping us to iron out some creases.


No scores were kept for this "event" as it was just a grand opening for the server which means, EVERYONE is a WINNER!!!


The server will now remain live until it reaches it's shelf life and we move onto something new, so please feel free to jump onto the server anytime with your friends within Outbreak or not and just have a little fun.

Alternative server to Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Following the launch of the Minigames server we have also created a vanilla Minecraft server for all you freaks that want to play that! It shall be available next Saturday (13/10/18) so look forward to that if that's your preferred cup of tea.

Forums Update

Additionally a change to the forums has been made to allow Member & VIPS to change their Usernames once every 90 days.

To do this:

On the top left click the drop down box with your name and go to "Account Settings" or click HERE

In the Display Name tab on the left, It'll take you to where you can Change Display Name.

Name Changes can only be done once every 90 days, Please read your new Display Name before saving it.



If you have any other ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see Outbreak do, such as other servers, games, events etc... 
Either message admin+ via the forums, or create a post under the S&Q Forum Section.

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